Bridal Shower Buffet Ideas and Tips

Food plays an important role during the bridal shower. The selection of meals and beverages enhances the theme and demonstrates the creativity and aesthetical understanding of the hostess.

Choosing or making the best foods for a bridal shower will require some planning and knowledge of the guests and their preferences. The buffet should correspond to everyone’s needs – a task that is often difficult to achieve.

A successful bridal shower buffet presents the right mixture of styles and cuisines. It is both exotic and traditional and it certainly looks great.

Bridal Shower Buffet Type
The time of the day when the bridal shower is held will be determining in terms of food and drink selection.

A party held in the morning will demand a buffet that contains breakfast choices, coffee, tea and juice. Afternoon parties give you more freedom. The buffet could either focus on appetizers and main courses or desserts.

Think about the types of foods that you want your buffet to contain. Consistency is of key importance. It shows that you know what you are doing and that you have managed to follow the theme thoroughly.

Before ordering anything or making the foods, draft a preliminary menu. You can consult the bride-to-be about the foods you want to make or buy. She would give you good ideas and she will let you know what her closest friends are likely to enjoy.

Diversity is of key importance. Even if your theme’s focus is on exotic foods, you should have several simpler and more orthodox options available for the needs of those who feel uncomfortable with exotic cuisine.

Learn if you are expecting vegetarian guests. At least several meatless dishes should be available for their needs. You should also be aware of food allergies or other problems that may endanger the health of the bride-to-be or any of the bridal shower guests.

Balance is essential. All aspects of the party should be balanced, the buffet as well. Have options available for the health-conscious ladies and for the gluttons. A good buffet attracts everyone, regardless of preferences, age and tastes.

Decorations are Important
Remember that decorations are just as important as the type of foods served. A bad-looking bridal shower buffet will push away guests, even if the meals are finger-licking good. Presentation is responsible for 50 percent of your success.

Food decorations are easy to make and they will look attractive each time. Specific shapes can be made out of fruits and vegetables. If you feel uncomfortable with carving out flowers and other decorative items, you may request the assistance of a professional.

The selection of tableware, napkins and tablecloth will also affect the beauty of your budget. Choose items and materials that look good together and that come in harmony.

Theme Relevance
The bridal shower buffet should also be taking the bridal shower theme in consideration. Very sophisticated, gourmet dishes will be inappropriate during a picnic bridal shower.

Choose foods that hold the theme inside their essence. Each theme has a number of suitable meals connected to it. If you lack ideas, browse through recipe and party planning websites. They will provide you with ideas about the most appropriate menu items.

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