Bridal Shower Bubble Gum Game

Bridal shower games are a must, if you want to make sure that everyone is having a good time.

Some types of games involve the guests and demand team work. Others are entirely addressed towards the bride-to-be. These friendly and fun games are certain to make everyone burst into laughter.

Many types of bridal shower games focus on questions. They test how well the bride and groom know each other or how familiar with the bride’s character her friends are. All guests will enjoy such question games.

One of the funniest question-related bridal shower activities is called the bubble gum game. The bubble gum serves as some type of punishment for wrong answers to questions. Here is how the bridal shower bubble gum game is played.

Prepare a list of questions. These have to be highly personal and mainly related to the love that brought the bride-to-be and her fiancé together. A list of 10 questions will be sufficient for the needs of the game.

Once the list is ready, see the groom and get him to answer all of his answers. These will be key to the bridal shower bubble gum game.

Since you have 10 questions to ask, you need to prepare 10 pieces of bubble gum. You may have more questions prepared but that would make the game difficult, even impossible to play.

During the bridal shower, ask the bride-to-be the very same questions that her fiancé has already answered. For each matching answer, the bride-to-be could be receiving some reward – make it something small, emotional and fun. A wrong answer will get the bride-to-be to put a piece of chewing gum in her mouth.

This game is very fun, even a bit ridiculous, since each wrong answer will add another piece of chewing gum to the punishment. Towards the end of the game, the bride-to-be could find it somehow difficult to pronounce the answers – an aspect of the game that is certain to add to guest entertainment.

Types of Questions to Ask
You are probably wondering about the best types of questions that can be asked during the bridal shower bubble gum game.

The questions should focus on personal issues, things that only the bride-to-be and her future husband know well. Refrain from asking very intimate questions, since you are likely to get people embarrassed and uncomfortable with the situation.

This list includes various suitable questions for the bridal shower bubble gum game:

Who is responsible for your first kiss?
Where did your first date take place?

What movie did you see the first time you went together to the cinema? Who was responsible for its selection?

Exactly how long have you two been together?

What us your most annoying habit?

What was the first anniversary dating gift that you received?

All other similar questions related to the relationship and the upcoming wedding will be appropriate. It is surprising to find out how different the answers of the bride and groom may be. The game requires little preliminary preparation and it turns out to be a tremendous enjoyment each time.

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