Bridal shower brunch menu

Holding a brunch bridal shower has numerous advantages over other types of parties. You can select among many foods, thus coming up with a diversified and fulfilling menu.

Brunches combine aspects of a breakfast and a lunch menu. This gives you the chance to have a wonderful and diversified buffet. Naturally, you can include appetizers, main courses and desserts. The selection of foods depends on your taste and the types of products available during the specific season.

Try to create a balanced brunch menu that contains several healthy options and a number of filling dishes. Having a buffet-style table will enable guests taste everything while interacting with each other.

Finger Sandwiches

Finger sandwiches are probably the most appropriate item to include in the brunch bridal shower menu.

These sandwiches come in numerous shapes and can have a number of fillings. To make the selection healthier, use wholegrain bread. You can either create the finger sandwiches yourself or use the services of a catering company.

Finger sandwiches could contain ham, bacon, cheeses, or marine products. Try to have a medley available. Every guest will have individual preferences. Make sure that at least one vegetarian type of sandwich is present at the table.

You can cut finger sandwiches in triangles or in any other shape. To make it easy, you can use cookie cutters. This way, you will have heart-shaped sandwiches, crescents, circles and any other shape that appeals to you.

Eggs and Sausages

To include morning dishes in the brunch menu, you can add sausages and several types of egg dishes.

Scrambled eggs are the easiest option.

You can also boil eggs and cut them in halves. Take the yolk out, crush it and mix it with cheese or mayonnaise. Return inside the egg white and form beautiful egg platters. Use olives or peppers to decorate the eggs.

Fruit and Vegetable Platters

Fruit and vegetable platters are another appropriate brunch menu options. Such platters are colorful and can be arranged in beautiful manners.

You can select fruits that have the same color as the bridal shower decorations. When it comes to vegetables, the appropriate ones include cucumbers, carrots, cherry tomatoes, peppers and celery.

To add even more diversity, you can have a cheese platter available.


Dessert options abound when it comes to a brunch menu.

Have a fruit salad as a healthy and attractive dessert option. You can use apples, grapes, oranges, bananas, kiwi and any other fruit that you fancy. Have cream available for those who prefer adding it to the fruit salad.

Croissants are another delicious and wonderful dessert ideas. Have several options available – chocolate croissants, yellow cheese croissants, butter croissants or strawberry cream croissants.


Non-alcoholic beverages are best for a brunch. Make sure that you have coffee, tea and a variety of fruit juices available.

Punch, champagne and light cocktails can be offered, as well.

A brunch is a wonderful bridal shower idea. You can create a wonderful, relaxing atmosphere. Further, your guests will enjoy a diversity of delicious foods. Pick your favorite breakfast and lunch meals and offer a variety of the two. The selection has to be light, healthy and pleasing at the same time.

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