Bridal Shower Brunch Invitation Ideas

A brunch is usually a casual event. It is held in the afternoon and guests are served finger foods and light beverages. A tea party can also be held in the form of a bridal shower brunch.

The type of event calls for specific invitations. These can be very feminine and gentle. The invitation’s main aim is to inform guests about the event, its type and specifics.

When it comes to a brunch bridal shower, no special creativity is required in terms of designing the invitations. This event is traditional and very common. Many ladies prefer a brunch bridal shower. The invitation has to be informative and aesthetically pleasing. Creativity will play a secondary role in such occasions.

Still, you can make the bridal brunch invitation elegant and memorable. Play around with traditional images and symbols to turn your typical invitation into something unexpected.

Wording and Tone

The wording and tone of the bridal brunch invitation depends on the style of the event itself.

Is the bridal brunch going to be very leisurely or slightly more formal? Will the guest list contain only the names of the bride-to-be’s closest friends or is the gathering going to be larger? When thinking about the best manner in which to address guests, you have to consider these questions.

Naturally, the invitation should present the basics. Include the name of the bride, the name of the hostess, the date and time of the bridal shower, the venue and the theme you have selected for the brunch.

In case you want to have a dress code, note that in the invitation. It should also list the bride’s gift preferences and the RSVP information.

It is up to you to add a witty quote or a romantic poem to the invitation. You can always include something more artistic to differentiate this bridal shower from other similar events. You can even include a delicate joke, as long as it fits within the theme.

Visuals and Design

Many visuals will be appropriate for invitation decoration when it comes to a bridal brunch.

Flowers can be very beautiful alongside the text. You can also use traditional wedding symbols – a bouquet, a cake, a bridal dress or a ring. A bridal brunch invitation can use other symbols like tableware, a garden table, beautifully arranged plates and napkins, light cocktails.

The visuals can also be clean and minimalistic. The silhouette of a glass is one opportunity. Delicate ornaments, resembling the font you have used will also look beautiful.

Any visual will be appropriate for such invitations. Choose something that is not overly used and stereotypical. Make the invitation gentle and very subtle.

Creative or Classical?

Many people wonder whether to adopt a creative approach or to stick to traditions.

When trying to answer this question, take into consideration the thoughts and beliefs of the bride-to-be. Is she an innovator or does she hold more conservative views? The invitation needs to resemble her personality.

If you want to move away from the traditional, you should go for a more creative invitation. Keep in mind that this is the difficult path. People want to be original but very few are successful at this task.

In case you decide to choose something unconventional, you should be careful about going into the realm of tasteless and vulgar. Try to find the balance between romantic traditions and bold desire for innovation.

A brunch bridal shower gives you hundreds of options in terms of invitation design. Choose the one that you find most attractive and the one that will suit the occasion best.

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