Bride-to-be bridal shower etiquette

A bridal shower is a largely casual event that allows a bride-to-be to have fun with her closest friends. The party should be fun and enjoyable for everyone, giving guests and organizers alike the chance to relax before the big wedding day.
As a bride-to-be, you have several responsibilities when it comes to the bridal shower. The etiquette is far from strict but you will have to demonstrate love and respect for all people who are attending the party.

Organizational Involvement

The maid of honor is responsible for the organization of the bridal shower. You can make her job much easier by providing some information.

Let her know which people are invited to the wedding and which ladies you would love to see at the bridal shower. Make sure that only people invited to the wedding attend the bridal shower. Otherwise, you risk experiencing a very awkward situation.

A gift registry is something else that you can do if you wish to facilitate guests. Let people know what you are willing to get. The presents should be smaller than the wedding gifts, since the bridal shower is an informal event.


You will have to select an appropriate outfit and makeup for the bridal shower. The clothes that you select will demonstrate your respect for the guests.

Naturally, this is a small event and your outfit can be modest. Try to find something simple and elegant that will make you feel good and that will let you enjoy the bridal shower.

It is very important to project positivism. The entire party has been organized to honor you. The least you can do is show how happy you are with everything that has been created especially for you.

Socialize with Your Guests

Socializing with all guests is another responsibility of the bride-to-be. Make sure that you welcome all the people attending the bridal shower.

Spare several minutes to chat with each lady. Inquire about her family, job and personal growth. You can find something to discuss even with people you have not seen for ages.

Make everybody feel welcomed and appreciated. This is your biggest responsibility. All of these people have made it to your special occasion. Show them that their presence is really special for you.

Gift Opening

One of the most important bridal shower moments is the opening of gifts. This is something that the bride-to-be plays a major role in.

Make sure that you pay special attention to each package. Moving mechanically from one gift to the next one is really not the best option.

Show that you are thankful and entertain the guests while opening the presents. Demonstrate your surprise and happiness with each item.

Be Positive

This is your party. Everybody will enjoy it if you manage to be positive and enthusiastic about it.

You certainly have other things on your mind and as the big day is approaching, you are preoccupied with planning and organization. Try to forget about your worries and have fun during the party. Looking bored or tired will only spoil the bridal shower atmosphere.

A bridal shower is a fun, little event. Have fun and make the best of it. Consider it a short vacation from wedding preparations and give it your best.

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