Bridal Shower Etiquette

There are many etiquette tips when planning or attending a bridal shower party. Read about these bridal shower etiquette tips before attending your next bridal shower.

  • Bridal Shower - Should Boys Be Allowed?

    Co-ed bridal showers have gained popularity. Couples have fun together and the shower is no longer a ladies-only territory.

  • Bridal Shower Behavior

    A bridal shower adheres by some basic etiquette. Bridal shower behavior is an important etiquette of the bridal shower. Factors such as the theme, environment and so on, can determine the proper behavior code.

  • Bridal Shower Before Elopement

    Bridal shower adheres by some basic etiquette. Although it is contradictory, bridal showers prior to elopement is becoming a unique custom in this era.

  • Bridal Shower Attire

    Choosing what to wear can be a challenge for a bridal shower party. Here are some tips and ideas for proper bridal shower attire.

  • Bridal Shower Etiquette - Asking for Money

    Asking for money is an awkward thing for many bridal shower couples. Here are some etiquette tips and guidelines for asking for money.

  • Planning for a Bridal Shower After the Wedding

    Extenuating circumstances can lead a couple to get married quickly. Plan a bridal shower after the wedding party to welcome the bride into the community of married life.

  • What is a Bridal Shower?

    The bridal shower is a wonderful party that lets the bride-to-be and her closest friends get together and celebrate before the marriage.

  • Bridal shower invitation etiquette

    Apart from being original and well-created, a bridal shower invitation needs to contain some useful information. Bridal shower invitations follow a specific etiquette. It will help you determine what information to include and what tone will be most appropriate.

  • Who is responsible for bridal shower expenditure?

    Though the bridal shower is a small and often informal event, it might be associated to some serious expenditure. It is important to have a clear understanding of everyone’s financial responsibilities so that the party remains fun and enjoyable.

  • Bride-to-be bridal shower etiquette

    As a bride, you have several responsibilities when it comes to the bridal shower. The event has been scheduled to honor you and you will have to show your love and respect for all the people who have made it to your celebration.

  • Bridal shower gift etiquette

    Many people wonder about appropriate bridal shower gifts. Should it be something small or something bigger? How much needs to be spent on a bridal shower gift? Fortunately, gift etiquette guidelines have been created to guide these decisions.