Bridal Shower Behavior

A bridal shower has some basic etiquette. Proper bridal shower behavior is necessary to facilitate a healthy bonding relationship between the guests and makes your bridal shower that much more special. If you are confused or at a lack of knowledge for the proper bridal shower behavior, here are some ideas to be aware of.

If you are the bridal shower host or hostess, you should mention the theme and/or the proper attire for the bridal shower party. This will take the guest’s guess work out of the equation. However, if for some reason, the invitation does not contain the necessary attire instruction or the guest is confused, he/she should inquire about it.

If you are the guest and you receive an RSVP in your invitation, you should promptly respond. RSVP stands for “please respond”. Failing to respond to RSVP is one of the most common etiquette faux pas of bridal shower. Even if you are unable to attend the bridal shower, you should respond as soon as you can. Your RSVP lets the hostess know about how many people are attending, which helps greatly with party planning. If people fail to RSVP, the hostess may not be able to obtain the right quantity of food and party favors.

The etiquette of giving and receiving gifts is very important. Even if you are unable to attend the bridal shower party, you should opt to send a gift to bride on her special bridal shower day. It is a customary bridal shower behavior to send a gift when the guest will not be able to grace the bridal shower party with their presence.

You should understand your role at the bridal shower party and behave accordingly. For instance, if you have arrived late at a bridal shower party and see that an event or game has started already, you should wait until an appropriate moment to enter so as to not disrupt the proceedings.

If you see that the seating arrangements are pre-arranged and you find yourself in an unsatisfactory seating placement, then you should still stay there unless you find someone willing to switch seats with you. You should also introduce yourself properly to any table mates whom you are not very well familiar to.

With all the etiquette of a bridal shower, perhaps the most important etiquette is behavior. Like any other party, be sure to behave courteously and kindly to all.

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