Seeking the Right Bridal Shower Alternatives

Hosting a bridal shower can be daunting and for the young people of today, the thought of a stuffy and traditional bridal shower can be unappetizing. Fortunately there are ways to have a party to shower the bride with love and welcome. The following are just some of the bridal shower alternatives a host, maid of honor or bridesmaids can look into.

Girls’ Night Out

This can be a perfect bridal shower alternative. The venue can be the favorite bar of the bride and her female friends and they can dance, sing, and just plain enjoy themselves without having to face the traditional bridal shower games and opening of the gifts.

Girls’ Spa Day

If the bride is getting too stressed out with all of the wedding preparations, giving her a traditional bridal shower party can increase her stress levels. If she needs to relax more than get the gifts, then the perfect bridal shower alternative is a day spent at the spa where she and her girl friends and BFFs can spend the day relaxing in the quite peace of the spa grounds and enjoy the services like a relaxing massage, manicure, pedicure, and many more.

Cruising the Waters

There are a lot of cruises which only last for the day around the US, and this is a perfect solution when looking for a bridal shower alternative. Spending the day on board a luxurious cruise ship, enjoying the sun and food, and the sights with all the close girl friends and close female family members can be one of the highlights of the life of that bride, most probably the invited guests.

Cooking Day with the BFFs

Another great alternative is to have cooking lessons instead of a traditional bridal shower. All the girls, regardless of their age, can gather around the kitchen table where the hostess can give cooking lessons for the bride and her friends. This is a perfect opportunity to learn in fun together and have that ‘chat time’ which all the women need when they are stressed out. This would also be a great time to give gifts to the bride and offer her some sage as well as advice about how to deal with the man in her life.

Pole Dance Lessons

As alternatives go, this is probably the most enjoyed and the most popular bridal shower alternative of this day and age. The gathering can be done in a pole dancing studio where a professional can demonstrate and teach all the ‘right’ moves to all the women, and it does not matter if the groom’s or the bride’s mother are there as well. This is a female bonding type of dance lesson, one which all women today consider as essential to living the life with a man.

There are so many alternatives from the traditional bridal shower and finding which would be the best can mean asking the bride about her favorite once she is given the list of alternatives.


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