Bridal Shower Album Gift Idea

One of the most important and highly significant rites of passage for women is the bridal shower and it is only best to keep the memories alive of that wonderful time with all the female loved ones beside her commemorated in a bridal shower album.

As a gift, the bridal shower album can be the focal gift for the bride while the rest of the invited guests can have their own mini-versions of the same album. It does not have to be a real book even. There are now eBooks which can serve just as well and these can be uploaded on to public and private file sharing sites. This way, those who are special family members and close friends who were not able to attend that special day can just download and view it on their computers, wherever they may be.

The miniature or eBook bridal shower album can also be given as one of the wedding reception souvenirs should the bride wish to share her wonderful memories with everyone. This is especially nice if those who could not attend the bridal shower party but could make it to the wedding itself.

The bridal shower album is a record keeper photo album which can be bought in specialty bridal shops, in bookstores and even the department stores. However, there are wonderful bridal gift shops online which can offer more of these wonderful gift items. The album can be personalized for the bride and for souvenir purposes.

The cost of a standard bridal shower album can be as low as $10.00 but there are really some specialized ones which can amount to several hundreds of dollars. It really depends on the one giving that gift how much they want to spend. But the fact remains is that these are the types of gifts which can be treasured by both the bride and the groom.

There are also bride and groom shower/stag albums where the group of male and female friends collaborate to create an album which both the bride and the groom can look at and wonder about. Just a word of warning though, if this is the type of album which is planned to be given to the bride and groom, it would be best to make sure that there are no images which can cause problems between the two.

That said, the bridal shower album can be given a few days after the party itself. It can be bought basically anywhere, but the personalized ones are also available. In fact, it would also be a good idea to talk to the wedding photographer if he or she can create an album for the couple. Just make certain the cost of the creation would not be included to the fees paid for by the wedding couple.

When it comes to gift giving, it is very important to always think of what can last longer through the years and which would just be dumped in the garbage. This type of gift is one that will definitely be treasured.


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