How to Plan for a Successful Bridal Shower Agenda

Traditionally, a bridal shower is planned and executed by the maid of honor and the bridesmaids. This is the time where a bunch of young and energetic girls finally say “farewell” to their single lives and become married young women. Traditionally, it was considered as ‘bad manners’ if a family member were to throw the bridal shower, but today there are a lot of that. This can be disappointing at times for where the party calls for fun and laughter, an elderly relative throwing it could also mean a lot of formalities which can get uncomfortable. But this should not be so, simply because a relative can now host a bridal shower does not mean that it has to be ‘old and stuffy.’ The secret is in the planning of the baby shower agenda.

When planning for a successful bridal shower agenda, it is important to think of the age of the bride and their friends. What do they like, what music do they enjoy, what food and drinks do they normally go for when they have a ‘girl’s night out?’ These are just some of the questions which should be used as a guide to planning for a successful bridal shower agenda.

First, plan out the time and day of the party. The invitations need to be distributed at least four weeks ahead of time. But that still would not please many, especially if they live far away. If there are a lot invited who live in far flung places and indicate that they would go to the bridal shower and the wedding, think of sending out the invitations six weeks or even two months ahead of time. That should give them a lot of time to assess their work schedule and plan out their leave or vacation time.

Next, it is important to invite the female members of not only the bride’s family but the groom’s family as well. Never forget to send invitations to even the great-grandmothers if they are still around.

Third, if the host is a relative, then it is best to find all of the close friends of the bride so they can be sent their invitations. Also include those women who are part of the wedding entourage.

Fourth, now it is time to plan the bridal shower agenda. Start out with the introduction of the invited guests, then a chat time, probably several bridal shower games, then the dining. After the food had been consumed and the drinks are pouring, this would be the right time for the opening of the gifts and another chat time just before the party comes to a close.

As the party is about to wrap up, plan the distribution of party favors for all the guests which should also have ‘thank you’ notes attached to them.

The flow of the party really depends on how it is planned out. Even if the cost of the party is not astronomical, it is important that everyone enjoy themselves regardless of the age discrepancies. Remember, this is a time to ‘shower’ the bride with welcome.

Example Bridal Shower Agenda

Bridal shower agendas can help keep the shower organized and make sure that all events are covered. Here is a sample agenda template that you can use when designing your own agenda:

1:00 pm – Bridal Shower Starts, Welcome guests

2:00pm – 3:00pm – Serve Food, Mingle with Guests

3:00pm -4:30pm – Bridal Shower Games

4:30pm – 5:00pm – Toasts to the Bride

5:00pm – 5:30pm – Gift Opening

5:30pm – 6:00pm – Give out favors and say goodbye to guests.


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