Bridal Shower Ideas – The Bridal Shower ABC Theme

Traditionally, a wedding is a cause for celebration but before the actual ceremony is completed, many friends and family want to have a chance to show how much they love that woman who is soon to become a bride. These friends and family members can show that love by “showering” that bride-to-be a few days before the wedding ceremony. This is a good time to choose for this would give those bridesmaids and other female guests who live out of town to come in and spend the days before the wedding being close to the bride.

Usually it is the maid of honor and the bridesmaid who would plan out the party, never the bride herself. To make the bridal shower more fun and unforgettable, they can plan around a theme like a bridal shower ABC theme. This party could be in somebody’s house, or it could be the country club or a restaurant. It could even be a bar. No matter where the venue is, with the ABC theme to guide them, the guests can start bringing in gifts for the bride.

When planning out the bridal shower ABC theme, the invitations given should each have a different letter written in bold letters. A small note can explain to the invitee that as this is a bridal shower ABC theme, the letter they receive should be the letter that starts off the description of the gift. So say for example the guest is given the letter “N” which could mean anything. But with the invitation spelling out the instructions carefully, the invitee has to figure out a wedding gift which starts with the letter “N,” which could be naughty or nice. If the invitee receives the letter “O” it could mean “opener,” so the guest can now give a can opener if she wants to. The interpretation of the letter should be left to the invitee. But make sure that the invitation cautions them to bring in wedding-related or honeymoon-related gifts.

To keep up with the bridal shower ABC theme, include games like the ABC game where a paper with the alphabet listed on the left side of the paper be distributed to all the guests with a sharpened pencil. The instructions can be very simple like, writing down words which start with the letter of the specific alphabet. But the words again have to be wedding-related or honeymoon-related. The one who completes the most number of letters gets to win. Another winning category can be the guest who wrote the most imaginative word.

Having a theme for a bridal shower is advantageous for it narrows down the planning to a specific idea. This idea will be the foundation of where to hold the bridal shower, who to invite, how to dress, what food to serve, what drinks should be served and what the guests can give as a pre-wedding gift. The themed bridal shower party will also limit the expenses and this is especially important for those who are planning and are limited to a budget.

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