Bridal Shower ABC Game: Having Fun at the Bridal Shower Party

The bridal shower is usually hosted by the maid of honor or the bridesmaids. The purpose of this party is to have a fun time with the BFFs before the actual ceremony itself. This is a special time shared with girl friends and all the female relatives who want to have a blast before the seriousness of the wedding and married life actually begins. Making the party fun involves a lot of things, from the theme, to the food and drinks and then there are the games. There are a lot of game ideas for this type of party and one of the most popular of these fun games that is normally included is the bridal shower ABC game.

For the bridal shower ABC game itself you would need several sheets of paper with the letters of the alphabet listed down on one side of each of them. Preferably you should list it on the left side so each letter would correspond to a specific word. Print out the sheets using your computer printer to make it look more professionally made or you can just write the letters by hand. Distribute the papers to each of the guests along with a sharpened pencil. NO ERASERS ARE ALLOWED! What the bride-to-be and the guests have to do is to write a word which starts with the letter that is listed on the paper.

For example, letter “A” can be album, letter “T” can be thong, or letter “N” can be naughty. There is no real limit to what words are to be used as long as they represent three of the most important things: the wedding ceremony, the wedding reception and the honeymoon. You can plan one game to represent each of the categories or you can just decide to mix them all up. You can even limit the words written to “nice” words or you can say they need to be all “naughty.” It really depends on you and how fun or chaotic you want the game to be.

What is also important is to set a time limit to the completion of the list. You can limit up to one minute or even up to five minutes. But the more limited the time, the more fun it could be. Once the time is up, you can now gather the list and start reading them off. The one who completes the most number of words would be declared the winner. For the winner you can give them a special prize. You can even create a category like the “most creative word” to encourage the guests to open up their word imagination.

The bridal shower ABC game may be a simple game and quite inexpensive, but it is one of the most popular games done in a bridal shower. This is especially true for women who want to send a message out for their friend about to get married. And it really doesn’t matter if the game used is an ABC game, it could be a trivial game. As long as that game makes for a fun time at the bridal shower, the game and the fun is on.

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