Bridal Shower Box Game

Bridal shower games have become essential to any successful party. They serve many purposes. Some games act as ice breakers, others ensure that everybody is having a good time.

The bridal shower box game is a very fun option for all types of gatherings, regardless of age and social status of the guests invited. The game has a number of modifications that make it even more enjoyable and hilarious.

You may consider adding the bridal shower box game to the agenda, among other activities. This is an easy-going option that lets people know more about each other and that sets the party mood.

Basic Bridal Shower Box Game
The original version of the game is naturally the simplest one. Its variations make it more attractive and give guests an opportunity to learn more about other ladies present.

Get a small gift. It can be something related to the theme of the bridal shower, it could be a picture of the bride-to-be with a written statement that addresses the winner of the game. Keep in mind that the award plays secondary role and does not have to be something expensive and luxurious.

Put the prize in a box. Wrap it beautifully, just like the way you wrap traditional presents. Once the first layer of wrapping paper is placed, put another one on top of it. Pile as many layers of boxes and wrapping paper as you want to.

During the bridal shower, give the box to one of the guests. As music is playing in the background, have people passing the box to each other. The person who has the box when the music stops will unwrap the uppermost layer. Keep on playing and passing the box until a person present at the bridal shower unwraps the present itself. This person is the winner of the game.

Bridal Shower Box Game – Modified Version
The game could be modified to entertain guests even more.

Apart from wrapping each layer, add a label to it. The note could contain a question or a command. In order to pass the box to somebody else or to receive the award, a person will have to follow the instructions written on the label.

Questions should be designed so that ladies present at the party could learn more about each other. Several good options include: “Tell a funny story about you and the bride-to-be,” or “How and when did you meet the bride-to-be?”

Commands have to be fun and ridiculous, as well, asking guests to do something fun that others will laugh about. You can ask the person to belly dance, to recite a poem or to tell a joke. Commands and questions will make the bridal shower box game last longer and be funnier.

The bride-to-be can be involved in the game, as well. Getting her to participate has the potential to turn the bridal shower into a major success.

The bridal shower box game is a fun option that you can add to any type of bridal shower. This game is inexpensive, easy to play and enjoyable. Choose an award that will have emotional value, explain the rules and have fun together with everyone who has made it to this wonderful celebration.

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