Bridal Shower Bowling

You have to choose the bridal shower theme. The bride-to-be has given you some hints but you still lack that clear, great idea, the one theme that will turn the party into a major success.

Bridal shower bowling is one excellent idea. Apart from the fact that this is a slightly unusual way to have the bride-to-be’s party, you will also be making sure that guests are properly entertained.

A bowling bridal shower is suitable for some groups of people and you certainly have to do some preliminary thinking. If you choose the theme carefully and having the right reasoning, you will be the hostess of a truly wonderful party.

Who is It Suitable for?
A bridal shower bowling event is suitable mainly for young groups of people or for ladies who have kept their youthful spirit.

It is also great for intimate surroundings of dear friends. If co-workers and acquaintances of the bride-to-be get invited, you may consider something more traditional, sophisticated and elegant.

You should also inform guests about the venue so that they select appropriate outfits. Bowling does require specific types of clothing that makes players comfortable and ready to join the battle.

Refrain from having a bowling bridal shower if any of the guests has a condition that will prevent them from being an active participant. Such a theme will get the person alienated.

Venue Selection
Venue selection is more than obvious but you will probably have several bowling alleys to choose among.

Pick one that is easy to get to. You should not be challenging guests into discovering a place that is distanced and difficult to find.

The bowling alley should also be reserved for the needs of the party, especially if you plan on having many guests. At least have the staff expecting you and get them to be involved in party decorations.

Pick a bowling alley with character of its own. The place should make you feel welcomed and it needs to be suitable for party planning and organization.

Since this venue has some specific functions, you may experience some limitations in terms of choosing and adding decorations.

Balloons will always be a great option. Such decorations can be prepared in advance and placed in the bowling alley shortly before the party starts. You can make balloon clusters or arches that come in specific colors.

Flower decorations will be a bit more difficult to implement but if you have those prepared in advance, as well, bowling alley staff will be willing to help you. Place the decorations in a way so that they do not interfere with the game.

Food selection should also correspond to the venue and theme of the party. Guests need to be able to grab a bite and to continue playing.

Finger foods like sandwiches will be best for a bowling-themed bridal shower. You can also have popcorn, chips and dips, burgers and all kinds of soft drinks. It should look beautiful and it should be easy to eat.

A bowling bridal shower is a very casual and very relaxed type of party. It will make everyone feel good and it will give the bride-to-be a chance to unwind before her big day arrives.

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