Bridal Shower Bows

The bow is an elegant and beautiful decoration that will be very easy to make and very cost-efficient.

You can make bridal shower bow decorations on your own. These are suitable for more elegant types of events. Bows and ribbons add some class and sophistication to the party, giving it a luxurious appearance.

Are you wondering how to make use of bows during the bridal shower? Here are several simple and aesthetically pleasing ideas that will make your venue glow.

Use in Decorations
Bows can be used in nearly all types of bridal shower decorations. Just imagine the tremendous number of applications that you have.

To make bows, you will need simple ribbon. It can be of any color and any width. You can fold it in any way you like but the traditional way is to form a pew bow. Pew bow is made by making loops of ribbon and sticking those together. You will discover numerous lessons, including video tutorials, online.

Bow decorations can be used for the chairs – tying one to the back of each chair will make them all look festive and special. In addition, bows will add some uniformity to the furniture, putting emphasis on the main bridal shower color.

Bows can also decorate the hallway leading to the venue. You can use those to tie curtains or to decorate the walls and the ceiling. It is entirely up to you and your imagination. Try to refrain from overdoing it. A pew bow is a rich type of decoration. Several of those will be sufficient.

Make Centerpieces
Flower centerpieces and candles can utilize bows, as well, to look just like all other bridal shower decorations.

You can have a small, delicate pew bow tied to each candlestick. Choose plain candlesticks that can be decorated. The ones that are already ornate will look far from elegant, if you add more elements to them.

Flower centerpieces will also look tremendous when you add a pew bow. Pick one that has the same tone as the flowers or that comes in absolute contrast.

Utilize Bows from Presents
Bows from the presents that the bride-to-be receives can be utilized during the party, as well.

These are used to make the traditional ribbon hat – a fun accessory that the bride-to-be has to wear towards the end of the party. Hilarious pictures are taken during that time.

The hostess or the maid of honor uses a paper plate, scissors and tape to stick all of the bows from the presents to the cardboard. Two holes are pinched on each side, so that long ribbons can pass all the way through. Other bows are stuck to the upper side, so that a fun and very colorful bonnet gets formed.

This is just one of the fun and creative ways that bows are used during the bridal shower.

Even foods, like cookies, can come in the shape of bows. Cookie cutters can be utilized to enforce the theme, if the bow is central to the party.

Bridal shower bow decorations look great. Try making those yourself and you will see the manner in which the venue will begin transforming, as soon as you position the first pew bow you have created.

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