Bouquet Ideas

Bridal showers go with various traditions that have managed to stand the test of time. Some of these traditions have been slightly transformed but are still followed today. The creation of a bridal shower bouquet is one such idea.

Ladies attending the bridal shower make rehearsal bouquets that the bride-to-be uses in the days before her wedding, when rehearsals take place.

The manner in which such rehearsal bouquets are created depends on the creativity of people attending the party. Strict regulations and requirements in terms of rehearsal bouquet creation are non-existent.

Make a Rehearsal Bouquet
According to traditions, the hostess works on the bridal rehearsal bouquet while the party is taking place.

A bridal shower rehearsal bouquet is traditionally formed of the bows and ribbons that the bride takes down while unwrapping her presents. The manner in which a rehearsal bouquet is made resembles the creation of a bridal shower bonnet.

To have a foundation, use a paper plate. It needs to be small in size so that the ribbons and bows get it well-covered. Pinch a hole in the center. The hole should be big, allowing many ribbons to pass through.

The arrangement and order is up to you. You can select bows of the same color or you can have a bright bouquet. Use enough bows and ribbons to hide the plate and to create something spectacular and memorable.

Change the Traditions
Traditions can certainly be changed. You can make a bridal shower bouquet out of real flowers. It will survive for several days. Such bouquets can be made if the rehearsal is coming shortly after the bridal shower.

Use flowers from the decoration, as well as other materials used in the creation of bridal shower centerpieces.

A monochromatic bouquet will look very stylish and elegant. Use flowers, ribbons and paper in matching shades. Such bouquets can once again be made while the bridal shower is taking place. The bride-to-be will receive her bouquet at the end of the party, before telling everyone goodbye.

Get the Guests Involved
You can get guests actively involved in the bouquet-making process. Apart from giving the bride-to-be several options to choose among, you will keep ladies entertained and having fun.

Make supplies for bouquet-making available. These could be real flowers or the supplies can be used for the creation of artificial flowers. Provide guests with paper, wire, crayons, paint, glitter, modeling clay and other materials that can be utilized for the creation of the bouquet.

The bride-to-be will be the judge, once the game is over. Guest teams should be given some time to make the bouquets. The bride-to-be will examine all of the works, picking the bouquet that she likes the most.

Bridal showers are a chance for ladies to get together and to have fun. The creation of a rehearsal bouquet is a beautiful tradition that you can observe, in case you are planning on having a more orthodox bridal shower. You have several options – pick the one that seems to be most attractive.

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