Bridal Shower Bouquet Game

Bouquets and bridal showers go hand in hand. The bouquet is in fact one of the most important wedding-related accessories. You can certainly give it a central role during the party.

The bouquet can also be used when planning bridal shower games. It may be an accessory or the central part of the activity. The manner in which you use bouquets in bridal shower games is entirely up to you.

Here are several fun and creative ways to organize bridal shower bouquet games.

Musical Bouquet
Musical bouquet is just a slightly updated version of the popular game that everyone is familiar with. The game is very easy to play and it can act as an ice breaker, especially in gatherings of people who are unfamiliar with each other.

How is it played? Prepare or order a beautiful bouquet. It could be a smaller version of the bride’s wedding day bouquet or it could be something that corresponds to the bridal shower decorations.

Musical bouquets is a modified version of musical chairs. Have a CD of rhythmic music prepared for the game to be played.

Position chairs in a circle. Have one person standing in front of each chair. To start playing, give the bouquet to one person and let the music play. Guests will pass the bouquet from one to other until the music stops. The person holding the bouquet when the music is discontinued will leave the game, sitting on her chair and passing the bouquet to the guest standing next to her.

The game continues until all of the guests get eliminated. The winner will receive some small award that you have prepared in advance. Or the bouquet could act as an award. The decision is entirely up to you.

Bouquet-Making Competition
Bouquets could turn into the central item of this fun and creative bridal shower game.

Order several types of flowers, ribbons, paper, tape and other supplies needed for the creation of a bouquet. The aim of this game is to give guests a chance to create the most beautiful wedding day bouquet for the bride-to-be.

You can also have a professional present during the party, making presentations and showing the ladies how bouquets should be arranged. Once the presentation is over, guests will receive a chance to demonstrate their own creativity.

A more difficult version of this game involves no flowers. Guests will be given unusual types of supplies that will be used for the creation of artificial flowers. You can divide the guests into teams, giving them several minutes to brainstorm before the actual competition starts.

Supplies provided to the teams could include wire, paper, toilet paper, modeling clay, crayons, glitter and scissors. This game is more difficult and the final results will certainly turn into works of art.

Bridal shower bouquet games are fun and testing the creativity of ladies attending the bridal shower. They can be played for relatively long periods of time, ensuring the fun and good time of everyone who has made it to the party.

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