Bridal Shower Booklet

The bridal shower booklet could turn into a wonderful souvenir from an incredible occasion. It can contain nearly anything, as long as it manages to capture the spirit and essence of the bridal shower.

A booklet can be purchased or even made at home.

If you want to keep wonderful memories from your bridal shower, you can consider the availability of a bridal shower booklet that will give guests a chance to share their thoughts, emotions and best wishes.

How to Use the Booklet?
The bridal shower booklet needs to be available throughout the party. Place it somewhere visible – at the entrance, for example.

You can also have the book entrusted to one of the bridesmaids. She will be responsible for asking guests to write something in it. The person will make sure that everyone has left a message.

Once the party is over, the bride-to-be will take the booklet home, preserving the best wishes of her dearest people. A bridal shower booklet could be put together in many other ways but this is the most common and traditional option.

What to Write in It?
If you are attending a bridal shower and you receive an invitation to write in the booklet, you may feel uncertain about the best words and statement to use. What should you write? Will it be original or maybe too clichéd?

Make use of the moment and your emotions during the party. Let them guide you. Instead of trying to come up with something original, write what you feel.

The hostess will probably refrain from mentioning that a bridal shower booklet will be available. This will give guests a chance to write original messages, without getting prepared in advance.

Make It Yourself
An extra special bridal shower booklet will be made at home. It takes little creativity and the purchase of the right materials to make the most beautiful bridal shower album ever.

Purchase a simple notepad and decoration materials. You can stick a photo of the bride-to-be on the front cover. Consider the usage of ribbons, lace, feathers or even seashells and pebbles. The booklet can be made to correspond to the bridal shower theme and the colors of decorations.

Write instructions on the first page. It can be something witty and very fun, letting guests know that they are free to share thoughts, advice and words of wisdom on the subject of marriage and relationships.

Something Innovative – a Photo Album?
Bridal shower booklets can be more original and innovative. You have various options to make use of.

One of the opportunities is to create a bridal shower photo booklet. Instead of making guests write something, you can take pictures of everyone present at the bridal shower.

Stick each picture to a page. You may want to get several written lines from each guest. Once the photos are ready, add them to the booklet and present it to the bride-to-be.

A bridal shower booklet will be a fun and emotional souvenir. Making one will be very easy. Guests will certainly be more than willing to share their thoughts and emotions with the bride-to-be. Enjoy the process and create something wonderful that the bridal shower will be remembered by.

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