Bridal Shower Book Game

Bridal shower games play an important role during the party. They keep guests entertained and they help individuals break the ice and get familiar with each other.

Proper game selection can guarantee the success of the bridal shower. Activities and entertainment that refrain from targeting the needs and interests of guests are very likely to fail.

Several types of bridal shower book games are available. These games will be fun, easy to play and requiring little or no preliminary preparation. All you will need is a beautifully decorated notebook and some creativity.

Pass the Book Game
This bridal shower game tests the manner in which guests observe the scene and remember details. It is very entertaining, even hilarious on occasions.

The game involves a book that contains a number of rhymed pages. One guest receives the book and opens the first page. This page contains rhymed instructions about who the book should be passed to. The last person to receive the book will receive an award.

The hostess will be responsible for decorating the book cover. It traditionally contains the names of the bride-to-be and her fiancé. A rhymed book can be purchased from a party supply store or it can be made at home.

Here is an example of the rhymed directions that are used to pass the book from one person to another. One of the pages could read: “The bride is getting ready, there are several things to do. Now pass this book to the lady with the eyes of brightest blue.” The person who reads that page should give the book to a guest who is blue-eyed and fair.

Many rhyme examples for Pass the Book game are available online. If you feel creative, you can try coming up with your own rhymes.

Bridal Shower Rhyme Book Game
The bridal shower rhyme book game is another opportunity that you have when trying to come up with bridal shower entertainment.

To play that game, you will need an empty book that will serve as an album. The bride-to-be will receive it once the party is over. Guests will be responsible for creating the book’s content, which will naturally have to be rhymed.

Let the guests sit in a circle. The first rhymed verse should also be available in the book. This way, you will give some direction and you will let guests know what the game is all about. Each person should receive a little time to add something funny, emotional or wise to the bridal shower rhymed book.

To make the book more fun, you can give guests just a little bit of time. The pressure of time running out will make everyone come up with hilarious verses that the bride-to-be will enjoy returning to.

The bride-to-be will be determining the winner of the game. It probably will be the person who authored the most fun rhymed message.

Apart from being incredibly enjoyable, bridal shower book games will create a souvenir for the bride-to-be. Pick the type of game that is most appropriate and enjoy the party together with your dearest people.

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