Bon Voyage Theme

A bon voyage theme for a bridal shower will be very appropriate if the couple is going on a honeymoon cruise after the wedding.

The travel-related party will take guests to new and exotic places. A bon voyage bridal shower is easy to decorate and very attractive. You will need your adventurous spirit and a bit of research to organize and host a tremendous bridal shower.

The right selection of decorations, entertainment and food is very important in order to create authentic settings that will please guests and that will make the theme believable.

The Invitations
Your invitations are the first aspect of the party that guests see. These cards should provide sufficient information about the theme and other important aspects of the bridal shower – dress code, where the bride is registered at and other specific requirements.

A marine landscape in the background of the invitation will establish a connection between the party and cruises. You can also have the image of a yacht or a picture from the specific travel destination that the bride and her groom are going to visit.

Wording should also explain that you will be taking guests on a trip through a bon voyage bridal shower theme.

Travel Decorations
Choose decorations that are theme-relevant. If the newlywed couple is attending an exotic destination, you can have palms and sand boxes placed in the venue. Sea shells will also add to the appeal of the party.

Make centerpieces of exotic flowers – orchids are a great option – and pebbles.

You can have other travel-related items and decorations available, as well. Distribute flip-flops to guests, as soon as ladies make it to the bridal shower. Flower garlands hanging from the ceiling will make the place even more tropical, warm and exotic.

If you are more creative and willing to spend time on decoration creation, you can try to recreate the deck of a cruise ship. Wooden floors, handrails, life-belts and posters of marine landscapes will really transform the venue.

Menu Selection
Foods should be representative of the travel destination, as well. A bon voyage theme will ask for a tropical menu.

Have platters of exotic flowers available for guests to try. You can have little cards explaining something more about each fruit, its origin and the best way to consume it. Seafood will be very appropriate, as well.

Try to present at least several salad options. Some of the salads could be more traditional, while others may present something innovative and more unusual.

You can have various spice bowls placed on the buffet table. Give guests a chance to get familiar with exotic spices, their uses and the health benefits associated to the consumption of each.

Cocktail-making is a great and fun way to add some entertainment to the bon voyage bridal shower theme. Make sure you have various ingredients available and give guests the opportunity to make their own tropical cocktails.

A bon voyage bridal shower is a fun and pleasant opportunity for the bride-to-be to unwind in the company of her dearest friends. The party is relatively easy to organize and decorate, as long as you love travel and the exploration of new destinations.

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