Bollywood Bridal Shower

The world of Bollywood is colorful, attractive and jolly. Organizing a Bollywood bridal shower is far from a complex task. It will give you various decoration opportunities and you will also have various activities to choose among, when trying to entertain guests.

You will discover many party supplies and items that will help you organize a tremendous bridal shower. Further, the world of Bollywood will provide you with various entertainment opportunities.

What does it take to hold a Bollywood-themed bridal shower? You will need some creativity, many colors and the right attitude that will help you understand and recreate this attractive theme.

Dress Code
A dress code is a must for the success of a Bollywood-themed bridal shower. Indian movies are characterized by the beautiful, oriental and feminine outfits. You can ask guests to get outfits from a party supply store or you can make those available. Ask ladies about their size when receiving RSVP information.

The traditional Indian dress is called sari. You can get saris from various stores but even if you lack the chance to supply these for the bridal shower, you can purchase Indian scarves that will help guests get in the mood.

You should also ask people to come with Indian jewelry or you should supply such pieces. They are very ornate, often large and highly noticeable. Bracelets and earrings will make the party even more sparkly and attractive.

Indian henna tattoos are another party aspect you may consider. Hiring a professional to draw the hands of the ladies can be tremendous fun.

Music and Entertainment
The Bollywood theme provides you with hundreds of fun and entertainment options. You can have scenes from Bollywood movies playing on screens positioned throughout the venue.

Indian music should be playing, as well. To make ladies understand this aspect of Indian culture fully, you can get professional dancers, who will be demonstrating all the intricate details and beauty of these dances.

Turn the bridal shower into a dance class. Once the ladies are dressed and ready to have fun, you can ask the dance instructors to show some basic moves and to explain the symbolism behind the Indian dance.

Decoration and Foods
Bollywood party decorations are colorful, full of meaning and symbolism, oriental and very intriguing.

Indian decorations are heavily dependent on the presence of flowers. Large floral arrangements are a must. Scatter colorful pillows throughout the venue. These will add some comfort and more specificity to the venue.

Use light wisely. It should be soft, intimate and romantic. Colored bulbs will add to the Indian mysticism of your Bollywood bridal shower. Soft shades like pink, red and purple are to be selected over other colors.

Incense sticks are another item you need to have for an authentic Bollywood bridal shower. Scents are very important to Indian culture and each one is believed to provoke sentiments and reactions from guests. Choose incense sticks that are sensual and energizing.

A Bollywood bridal shower holds some specific charm that no other theme is in possession of. Make use of all beautiful aspects and traditions that form the Indian culture. Demonstrate its richness and wisdom to turn your party into a huge success.

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