Bohemian Bridal Shower

The term bohemian is often misunderstood.  It used to refer to a specific group of free-spirited people who rejected trends, thus coming up with their own. A bohemian party will turn into something spectacular each time.

A bohemian bridal shower will look classy, sophisticated and innovative. In order to organize a great party, you will have to fully comprehend the essence of the term and the symbolism that it carries.

Your bohemian bridal shower will be a tremendous success, if you follow these simple organizational steps.

What does Bohemian Mean?
Bohemians used to be intellectuals and artists who held no interest in mainstream and popular trends. They looked for alternatives, enjoying life to the fullest and avoiding mass culture and its expressions.

The Bohemian movement was born in 19th century France and it quickly spread to other major European cities.

Bohemians were adventurers. They lived in groups, pursuing artistic and philosophical enlightenment. Because of their innovative thinking and rejection of the mainstream, bohemians were often misunderstood. They often held unorthodox political views, which got them marginalized from society.

How to have a Bohemian Party?
Knowing the meaning of the term bohemianism gives you tremendous freedom, when you start thinking about the bridal shower and planning its aspects.

Your party needs to be unconventional. Forget about traditional themes and love-related decorations. Being bohemian signifies looking for the uncommon, unusual, even the scandalous.

The fact that you are organizing a bohemian bridal shower is also connected to significant freedom and the chance to experiment. Pick a weird venue and have artistic and aesthetically-pleasing decorations. You are free to express your ideas and the preferences of the bride-to-be. This is what a bohemian party is all about.

Unusual Venue Selection and Decorations
Venue selection is the first important decision you will have to take. The place should correspond to the bohemian theme, being artistic, slightly odd and comfortable.

A bohemian bridal shower could be held under the moonlit sky, as long as you feel like choosing this venue. Such a party can be very romantic and liberating.

You can hold the bridal shower in an art gallery or another place connected to art and human creativity. A gallery will provide you with amazing decorations and an artistic atmosphere that you can create in no other way.

A simple room can be turned into a bohemian place through the selection of appropriate decorations. If you lack the chance of booking a more attractive venue, you can certainly transform a place that will otherwise look common.

Decorations can be abstract, innovative or minimalist. It is up to you. Think about the emotion you want to create and pick the items and colors that correspond to it. Your party could be luxurious, classy or even abstract.

A bohemian bridal shower could be nearly anything. Pay tribute to the freedom of human spirit and recreate it in any way that you like. Bohemian bridal showers will certainly be unusual, memorable and innovative. Unleash your creativity and make the magic happen.

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