Bridal Shower Board Games

A great bridal shower gives guests a chance to have much fun and to enjoy themselves. The selection of appropriate games and activities is very important in terms of making sure that everyone is having a good time.

Everybody loves board games. These have been designed for different age groups, preferences and interests. A number of board games will be appropriate for a bridal shower.

Here are several bridal shower board games suggestions that you can make use of. These can be easily discovered online and printed out before the bridal shower takes place. You can also purchase board games from party supply stores.

Bridal Shower Pictionary
Pictionary is one of the most loved games and your bridal shower guests will have so much fun playing it.

Divide guests into teams. Each team should choose a picturist for the first round of the game. The picturist has to pick a card that contains a wedding or love related word. The picturist will then have to draw this word, giving teammates a chance to guess it.

Continue playing until all of the pictionary cards have been drawn. The team that guesses most words will become the winner. To make the party even more intriguing, you can come up with small awards for the winners.

Scrambled Words
Print out cards that contain scrambled words connected to bridal showers and marriage – for example – marriage, husband, honeymoon, church, etc.

Each guest should receive a card containing the scrambled words. Guests will have to guess the exact words, in order to win points. The person who manages to unscramble most words within a specific time period will become the winner.

Bridal Shower Bingo
Bingo is a fun and exciting game and it can be played successfully during a bridal shower. To play bingo, you will need to print out cards having five rows and five columns.

Each square should contain a marriage-related word or phrase: bride, groom, cake, honeymoon, wedding, best man, etc. No two cards could be the same – each one should have the words presented in a different order.

The hostess draws out words from a bowl – these are the very same words appearing on the bingo cards that guests get. A person who has the specific word appearing on their card marks it. The first guest to get an entire line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) of words has to shout out “bingo.” This person is the lucky game winner.

Finish the Bride’s Phrase
Finish the bride’s phrase is another fun board game that can be played during the bridal shower. The cards can be printed from various websites.

Each card contains the beginning of several phrases. For example: Best man’s ___. Guests will have to try guessing how the bride-to-be is going to complete the phrase.

This game is tremendous fun since people will be coming up with unusual and unexpected phrases. Everyone is certain to put heart and soul into the process, which will make the game hilarious.

Bridal shower board games are slightly modified versions of classical entertainment options. Choose one that corresponds to the theme and that is likely to keep the majority of guests entertained and happy.

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