Bird Theme

Bird are tender, beautiful creatures whose flight has inspired many poets, artists and songwriters. The white dove is the symbol of peace and two birds pictured together come to symbolize love.

A bird-themed bridal shower is a slightly unusual idea that can turn into a great success. The theme provides many opportunities in terms of decorations and creativity.

If you are thinking about a bird-themed bridal shower, you can make use of a number of creative and original ideas.

The invitations should show what the bridal shower is all about. The visuals you choose, as well as the color scheme will provide guests with information about the party they are going to attend.

Yellow or white are the two shades that you can use when creating the invitation visuals. You can also come up with a colorful pattern, resembling the feathers of parrots. Try to choose a color scheme that corresponds to the decorations you are going to use. This decision will add some consistency to party elements.

The invitation can feature other types of more creative decorations. You can stick a beautiful, decorative feather to each card that you are going to send to guests. Clipart will look fine, as well. Choose anything that will help you present the theme clearly.

Venue decorations are just as important. Turn the place into a garden that is the home of many birds.

Feather, flower and pebble centerpieces could decorate each table. Make use of natural materials and decorative items to create a sense of authenticity.

You can have bird cages hanging around the place. To make them useful, as well as beautiful, use the bird cages to place items inside – presents or bridal shower favors.

Nests are another great decorative item that you can make on your own. Use straw and twigs. Sprays can give those the specific color you are in need of. Try to have some uniformity in terms of color selection. Twigs can be painted easily. The same applies to feathers and pebbles.

Love Birds?
Instead of a general bird theme, you can have a love birds bridal shower.

Get figurines of white dove pairs that will decorate the tables. White feathers, banners and birdhouses will add to the theme. Love birds are a symbol of tenderness and depth of feelings. No other theme could be more romantic and relevant.

If you are a bit more daring, you can have caged birds in the room or garden you have selected for the bridal shower. Choose birds that are beautiful to look at and comfortable with significant human presence – parrots are one excellent option.

Favors are usually selected to correspond to the theme. These can be small and inexpensive, yet carrying the message across.

Cookies in the shape of love birds are one good example of a bird-themed favor. You can also present guests with fridge magnets, candles, porcelain figurines and bottle stoppers.

A bridal shower bird theme will be romantic, beautiful and easy to implement. You are free to interpret the theme in any way that you like. The final result is certain to please, as long as you manage to capture the essence and the soul of this party theme.

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