Bridal Shower Bingo Instructions

Bridal shower bingo is a very simple and traditional game and it can be one of the funniest activities during the party.

You can easily create your own bridal shower bingo. It takes some creativity and knowledge of the game rules in order to have this fun activity during the party. Here are simple tips and instructions that will help you enjoy your bridal shower bingo.

The Cards
To play bridal shower bingo, you will need bingo cards. The cards can either be made at home or purchased from a party supply store. You will also find printable bridal shower bingo cards in many websites.

The bingo card should be made of five rows and five columns. Each one of them will contain a word or a symbol connected to weddings, marriage and romance. For example – the words and symbols chosen could include bride, groom, wedding cake, bouquet, rings, rice, DJ, wedding dress, best man, bridesmaids, etc.

Each square has to contain one word or symbol. The squares should contain unique wedding-related statements or visuals – refrain from having those repeated within a single card. Each card should contain the words or images in a different order. Try to have no two cards alike.

Apart from the cards, you will need separate pieces of paper that contain the 25 phrases or images connected to marriage. These are the main supplies you will need to play bridal shower bingo.

How to Play It
The rules of bridal shower bingo are the same as traditional bingo requirements. The hostess will be moderating the game and controlling the manner in which it is played.

The hostess draws out a paper at a time and reads out the word written on it. If you choose to have symbols, you will have to show the specific image to guests.

Guests mark the word on their bingo card. The first lady to get an entire line – horizontal, vertical or from corner to corner has to shout out ‘bingo.’ She is the winner and should be thus receiving an award.

Make It Theme-Relevant
To make bridal shower bingo even more personalized, you can choose phrases that are solely specific for the theme, instead of general and connected to marriage.

Creating theme-relevant bingo cards will add even more to the appeal of the bridal shower you are organizing for your dear friend or loved one. Many stores offer card personalization options that you can make use of.

Choose the Winner and the Prizes
The prize that the winner will receive is probably the most exciting part of playing bridal shower bingo.

Select small items that carry emotional significance. It really depends on the type of people invited to the bridal shower and their preferences.

Understand the fact that the prize can be inexpensive, yet very desirable. One good option is a framed photograph of the bride-to-be or a written message from her, addressing her dearest friends. Another good idea is to have items that are theme-relevant.

Bridal shower bingo is fun and easy. Choose this game if you want guests to be having fun and if you have many guests who are unfamiliar with each other. The game of bingo will give them a chance to get introduced to one another and to enjoy the party.

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