Bridal Shower Bible Theme

A Bible bridal shower theme is relatively easy to implement. You can use the invitations, decorations, venue selection and menu to emphasize on the message you are trying to get across.

A religious theme will be appropriate for a gathering of ladies who are strong believers. Others will be unable to appreciate the idea and to feel comfortable with the chosen theme.

The Christian-themed bridal shower has several specifics. Think of the following aspects in order to incorporate the Bible theme successfully into the party.

The Invitations
Invitations should state what the theme is all about. Make sure that guests understand what the bridal shower will focus on.

Images related to the Bible and Christianity will carry the message across even before people read the invitation content. Choose one lead visual that presents the theme – a cross or another biblical symbol: a dove, Noah’s arc or even the good shepherd.

The verses you choose should also speak of the theme. Before you list the party details, you may include a Bible verse that is connected to love, romance and marriage. You will find many such quotes in the Bible and in Christian websites.

Work on the Bridal Shower Atmosphere
Decorations and venue selection will also help you establish the bridal shower Bible theme. Cross decorations are the simplest way to make it happen.

Make decorations all white – the color of innocence, belief and clarity of thought. Banners that contain Bible verses are another good option.

You can have a prayer poster positioned above the entrance. It will enhance the ambiance of the party. Another great idea is to have a book where guests could write blessings and religious statements dedicated to the couple or the bride-to-be.

Games and Activities
Activities and bridal shower games should be theme relevant, as well. A number of entertainment options are connected to the Christian theme and the belief in God.

A biblical trivia quiz is one of the options that you can make use of. Have questions created about some of the most popular Biblical stories and personalities. You should have several more difficult questions drafted, as well. The lady who gets most answers right will be the winner of the game.

Another game could focus on the famous couples in the Bible. Provide ladies with the name of one person in the couple and have them guessing the second one. For example, if you provide the name of Adam, ladies should guess the name of Eve.

Many other games can be created in a similar manner. Test the Christian knowledge and understanding of guests and give them a chance to have fun at the same time.

Food Selection
Food for a Bible-themed bridal shower will be no different from the menu picked for other types of pre-wedding parties. It is all about choosing decorations that will reinforce the theme.

Cupcakes could have cross decorations. Or you can even make cookies in the shape of crosses. The bridal shower cake is the item that can be most theme-relevant and providing information about Christianity and the Bible.

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