Bridal Shower Bible Games

A Bible-themed bridal shower comes with its specific activities, games and entertainment options. These are designed to give guests a chance to know each other better and to have a good time during the party.

Christian bridal shower games have to give guests a chance to have fun while simultaneously emphasizing on the theme. You have many options to choose among. Each of these games will test the knowledge of guests and will help you break the ice.

A hostess can come up with her own bridal shower Bible games. It takes some knowledge of biblical stories and the preferences of the bride-to-be and her guests. These two aspects will guarantee the selection of the most attractive activities.

Here are several bridal shower Bible games options that you can make use of.

Christian Husbands and Wives
Go through the Bible and pick the names of the most famous married couples. The Bible is full of stories about husbands and wives who have stayed faithful to each other for many years.

Distribute pen and paper to all of the guests attending the party. As a hostess, state the name of one person in the couple. Guests will have to write down the name of that person’s husband or wife.

The lady who guesses most names correct will become the winner of this game.

Biblical Story Knowledge
Pick some of the most famous biblical stories. It can be anything that you fancy or that is connected to love and marriage.

Create a trivia quiz on the basis of these biblical stories. Ask guests about the people involved in each situation, its outcome or other details that will reveal more about the person’s Biblical knowledge.

To make the game more intriguing, you can have several difficult questions included among the others in the trivia quiz.

Christian Karaoke
Ask the bride-to-be about her favorite Christian songs. Make a list and print out the lyrics of each song.

You should also get an instrumental or the song itself played during the party. Guests will be responsible for singing together with the music.

Karaoke is always fun and the selection of religious songs will add some appeal to the theme.

Word Games
Most people love word games. You can have one such played during the bridal shower you are organizing.

Distribute pen and paper among the guests. It may be a good idea to get a board that is clearly visible from across the room. Write down a word or a phrase – for example Christianity or Christian Marriage. Give guests one minute to scramble the letters and to come up with as many new words as they can within a minute.

Pin the Halo on the Angel
Pin the Halo on the Angel is the Christian version of a very popular and exceptionally loved game.

Have a cute poster of an angel stuck to the wall. The halo should be separate and given to each guest. Blindfold the ladies and give them a chance to pin the halo on the angel. The one who manages to get closest will become the winner of this fun, little game.

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