Bridal Shower Beverages

Beverages and food are a key aspect for any bridal shower. They can serve to be the highlight for a bridal shower. Beverages and food can mean the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful bridal shower. Keep in mind that beverages should always complement the food and the atmosphere of the event. However, with the list of beverages and food being practically endless, choosing the appropriate beverages and food can be time-consuming, not to mention, stressful! Here is a list of some creative and interesting beverage options to liven up your bridal shower.

For the bridal shower parties where some guests may like to drink and others not, a Do-It-Yourself Beverage Bar may be appropriate. The bar should contain a variety of assortments such as fruit purees, wine, alcohol, sparkling soda, club soda and so on. This will allow the guests to make their own drinks. This could be an ice-starter and a good conversation starter. However, you must ensure that a supply of ice cubes, glasses and mixers are available in a side table. This type of bar can be the centerpiece and even the highlight of your bridal shower party.

If you are looking for something more elegant than a Do-It-Yourself Beverage Bar to be your centerpiece, you can purchase a large glass bowl. Fill it up with ice and display small carafes filled with a wide variety of beverages from alcoholic to non-alcoholic.

Your bridal shower beverages can also reflect the color scheme (if any) of your bridal shower party. For instance, if the color scheme is pink, the list of beverages can include pink watermelon mojito, pink lemonade punch, pink green tea and so on. The pink color can be brought about simply adding pink dye. To inject a more vibrant color, different shaded pink-colored drinks can be served.

Your bridal shower beverages can also reflect the theme of the bridal shower party. For instance, the bridal shower is garden-themed; beverages like mint-tea punch, limed-iced tea can offer a refreshing feeling and sensation. Or for instance, if it is a bed and breakfast themed (which is usually a brunch-styled bridal shower), beverages such as, fruit cocktails, fruit smoothies or a unique Cappuccino Smoothie beverage can boost the guest’s spirits!

Your choice of bridal shower beverages can also reflect bride’s personality and style. For instance if the bride is a nature-oriented person, you serve different teas, fruit smoothies, wine cocktails and so on could be appropriate among the list of appropriate beverages.

It is also important to keep in mind that the choice of beverages should also complement the food. For instance, it the menu consists of mainly finger-foods, then you can serve different champagne punches. They are light, fruity and go well with the finger food. With an endless choice of beverages available, it is of little surprise that you may be confused. If you keep in mind the ideas given here and use a little creativity, you can serve beverages that will be one of the highlight of the bridal shower party.

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