Bridal Shower Belly Dancing

Everyday, many bridal showers take place. Therefore, people are often on the lookout for something unique that would make their bridal shower party a standout from the others. However with so many unique ideas available to choose from, people can often get confused. If you are confused or at a loss for ideas then think about incorporating the unique idea of belly dancing into your bridal shower party and make it even more memorable and enjoyable.

When you are coming up with a unique bridal shower theme, consider a belly dancing bridal shower theme. Most of the times, the greatest memories are witnessed and created when the guests are directly involved. To get them in the belly dancing groove, you can hand them appropriate belly dancing attires such as veils, coin belts, coin scarves and so on. It would be a unique way to involve people of all ages and gender to become united as one happy being! Also, be sure to incorporate upbeat music to elevate the festivity of the bridal shower to a unique new level.


For creating a unique atmosphere for the belly dancing bridal shower, the appropriate decorations are necessary. You can cover everything up with veils and scarves of a variety of colors to create a vibrant, colorful and unique atmosphere. You can make the scarves and veils twinkle like the night stars by simply gluing it with silver and gold coins. Adorn the ceiling and walls with such coin-studded veils, cymbals and so on to elevate the beauty of the atmosphere that live the guests surprised and excited by such unique decorations. To take it a level further you can pitch colorful tents in the venue. This is bound to make your bridal shower unique than any other.

You can take the center-stage and be the solo person who is belly dancing in the bridal shower party. This will ensure that all eyes are on you! Your performance can consist of an enchanting and unique entrance (which can be done by finger cymbals) and ensure your belly dancing is upbeat and tasteful. However, if you have no prior skills in belly dancing, you can hire a good belly dancer. Within a few weeks, or even a few days, you will see your belly dancing skills become magical and will have the guests transfixed at you. The view of you belly dancing will put the festivity of your bridal shower party into a high-gear.

Appropriate cuisine for the unique belly dancing bridal shower party is middle-eastern food. When it comes to choosing your food for the meal, the options are all unique and endless. The meal can include different type of breads, kebabs and rice. For beverages you can make unique middle-eastern drinks such as different types of tea, fruit and yogurt smoothies and so on. Appropriate and unique dessert items can include chocolate covered dates, cinnamon date cakes and so on.

If your goal is to be the creator of a unique and memorable bridal shower party, be sure to incorporate the belly dancing aspect into your bridal shower party.

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