Bridal Shower Bells

When it comes to making a bridal shower special, bridal shower bells are a great and appropriate way to do that. Bridal shower bells can serve to rekindle our spirits with their wonderful musical greeting. The wide variety of bridal shower bells available enables us to make them a unique theme or use them as part of many other bridal shower themes. Whether you are hosting a bell-themed bridal shower party or looking for ways about how you can incorporate them in other bridal shower party themes, here are some creative and unique ideas that are sure to make your bridal shower party a hit!

If you are planning a bell theme bridal shower party, the room for using your creativity and imagination is endless. For decoration purposes, you can adorn the bridal shower bells with ribbons, ropes and so on (if you have a particular color scheme you incorporate that into your decoration item), and attach them in clusters in walls and ceilings. You can also make a bridal shower bell the splendid centerpiece for each table. They can be similarly adorned with ribbons, metallic nets and other things. For the bridal shower dessert, a bridal shower bell shaped cake is a perfect match! A unique game for the bell theme bridal shower party is a trivia game involving bridal shower bells. For instance, you can tie one bell around the neck of each guest and play a trivia game. You can ask questions related to the bride (and groom) and whenever a guest is caught saying a wrong answer, the bell can be taken away. The winner is the last man or woman who has a bell tied around the neck!

Bridal shower bells can also be incorporated into bridal shower parties of different themes. For instance if you’re the theme of your bridal shower party is garden, you decorate the trees with colorful bells. This will create a vibrant and colorful atmosphere that will have the guests dazzled. Or, if the theme of your bridal shower party is Barbie, you can tie pink ribbons, ropes and so on, around the bridal shower bells. This will complement the Barbie theme.

Bridal shower bells can be used for more than just as a decorating item. When the party is nearing the end, the bridal shower bells can be handed out to guests to serve as a keepsake of the bridal shower. You can also personalize it with engravings or painting to pay homage to the bride on her special bridal shower day.

You can be the creator of your own bell favors which are beautiful, elegant and very cost-effective. For instance, you can decorate an antique box with one or multiple bells, ribbons, metallic nets and so on. This will engrave the memory of the bride’s bridal shower in the guest’s hearts.

Whether or not, the theme of your bridal shower is the bell or something else, the incorporation of bridal shower bells can make your bridal shower that much more special.

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