Bridal Shower Before Wedding – The Big Day

Traditionally, a bridal shower usually takes about four to six weeks prior to the wedding ceremony, although there is no fixed time limit due to the hectic schedules of each couple. However, throwing a bridal shower party before the big day is a good idea if all the guests have traveled a long way to attend the wedding ceremony. This will allow the guests to know that you have gone out of your way to involve them in this close knit family and this will serve to strengthen the bond. The presence of all the guests will further serve to make your bridal shower that much more special and memorable.

Planning the bridal shower before the wedding day can be the perfect remedy to soothe the bride’s aching nerves and stress, not to mention, it will remind her that her that her beloved and dear ones are there for her when needed. If you want to give the bride one of the biggest surprise of her life, then planning a bridal shower before the big day may be the perfect way to accomplish that. However, if you are planning a bridal shower before her wedding day, it may be a good idea to consult with the bride first about having a bridal shower party in her honor so close to her wedding day.

If you are planning the bridal shower party before the wedding day, it would be appropriate if you send out both the bridal shower and the wedding invitations together. It would be cost-effective on your behalf. For the invitations, you can use one or multiple invitation cards.

For the actual bridal shower party itself, it would be preferable if the bridal shower took place early in the morning or afternoon and is brunch-styled. It would be appropriate to serve refreshing drinks such as fruit smoothies, a variety of teas and so on. Alcohol cocktails should not be included in the drink’s list as it may leave the guests feeling groggy and not well refreshed at the morning of your wedding ceremony. But of course, the choice of completely excluding alcohol depends entirely upon you and the bride.  The meal can include light items such as finger foods. Desserts can include fruit platters, fruit tarts, bridal shower cakes and so on. You should keep in mind that the drinks, food and dessert items should reflect the bride’s preferences. If there is a theme involved, it should be incorporated to all the aspects of the bridal shower.

To summarize it, it would be preferable that your bridal shower party was short and sweet. The purpose of the bridal shower party can be the opportunity to allow the guests to mingle with one another and become better acquainted. The bridal shower party itself can serve to be the ice-breaker.

Whether you are planning the bridal shower party before the day of the wedding or not, you should keep in mind that a bridal shower is a very important day for the bride and you should go all out to make it a memorable and special day.

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