Bridal Shower Before Elopement

Whether you choose to believe it or not, there is the etiquette of arranging the bridal shower before elopement. This can be a good way to break the news to everyone as a surprise. However, before you decide on this type of shower, you should keep in mind that some of the closest people in your life such as your friends, families and relatives may not be the part of one of your most important days in life – your elopement.

The bridal shower day can be the perfect day to reveal your decision of elopement. Some people may be a little sad that you are not having a full blown wedding. But you should still opt to announce your elopement as most of your guests will be thrilled and happy for you. Announcing your elopement on your bridal shower day can inject a feeling of drama and excitement.

An elopement is perfect for those who are seeking to avoid a big, commercial and expensive wedding ceremony. However, you should keep in mind that, whether or not you are able or unable to attend the wedding day, the act of sending gifts by guests is customary etiquette. If you are planning for an elopement, most etiquette mavens suggest that you should not register for gifts. In the case of an elopement, people may or may not feel inclined to give presents. However, the etiquette of exchanging gifts should not be absent at any bridal shower parties.

If the reason for your elopement is to avoid the large cost tags that are usually associated with a wedding, it would be convenient if your bridal shower event was also a rather small occasion. This would indirectly convey to the guests the reason for your elopement and you can take center stage at your bridal shower party and announce the news that you are getting married.

Even if it is not a surprise, a bridal shower is still a good way to celebrate with friends before the official marriage. Since elopements usually involve a very small audience consisting of closest friends and family, a bridal shower is a nice way to celebrate with other friends. Guests can bring presents to help the new couple start their life together.

At the end of the day, you should keep in mind that a bridal shower is intended for the union of people as one happy being. The fact that the couple will take part in an elopement should not hinder your heartfelt thoughts for them.

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