Bridal Shower Bedroom Theme

A bedroom can evoke so many emotions. According to research, the general population spends an approximately a quarter of their lives in bedroom. Therefore, a lot of memorable memories are created in a bedroom which we treasure for the rest of our lives.

When you are planning a bedroom shower, a theme is one of the most important parts of a bridal shower as all the other aspects of the bridal shower will be based on the theme. When you are choosing a theme, keep in mind that it should reflect the bride’s style and personality. If the bride loves the indoors then a bedroom-themed bridal shower is appropriate. It will be the most special memory created in a bedroom. If you are planning a bedroom-themed bridal shower, here are some unique and creative ideas to liven up your bridal shower party.

The main concept of the bedroom-themed bridal shower is to create a very comfortable and homely atmosphere. Therefore, bedroom-themed bridal showers are very casual in nature. A bedroom-themed bridal shower can be based on a certain color scheme. This would ensure all the components work together. The color chosen should be the bride’s favorite color.

On your invitations, make sure to include the color scheme. For instance, if the chosen color scheme is pink, the invitations can be shaped like a pink gift box. Also print or inscribe the attire for the bedroom-themed bridal shower to avoid any confusion. The attire should be very casual. Remember, your invitation gives the guest a sneak peak about what is to come on the bridal shower.

When you are planning about decorating your bedroom-themed bridal shower, you should think of accessories which are usually found in a bedroom. A unique decoration idea is that you can hang pajamas, sheets and so on, to decorate the wall or the ceiling. You can use blanks to cover up couches, sofas and so on. To exude a more comfortable atmosphere, you can set down a large mattress with different colored pillows. You can also set large pillows around the room for sitting and use other decoration items such as scented candles, lamps, balloons and so on.

Upon entering, the guests can be handed slippers to put on. This will immediately put the guests at ease. You can also personalize the guest’s slippers with a small note card where the guest’s name can be printed or inscribed.

You can serve the drinks and food on trays. This will further enhance the homely atmosphere. Drinks can include champagne punch, wine and so on, served in long fluted glasses. The meal can include some relatively simple dishes such as an egg-soufflé, bacon, bagels and so on. For desserts, you serve muffins, croissants, cake and so on. If you want to take it one step further with the cake, you can use icings and frostings on the cake to resemble the bride’s bed! Keep in mind that the food and drinks should be what the bride’s favorite items.

For games, you can play charades or Pictionary based on things done or found in a bedroom. Think of games that can place the bride on the center stage. For instance, if you are playing a trivia game, you can make questions about the bride, her future husband and so on. Bridal shower games are fun and enjoyable.

When you are planning a bedroom-themed bridal shower, be creative and be sure to leave inhibitions out the bedroom door!

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