Bridal Shower Bed and Breakfast

When we think about breakfast in bed, the first image that comes into our mind is the bride waking up to the man of her dreams who is holding a tray full of delicious breakfast goodies.

A bed and breakfast theme for a bridal shower reflects a very casual party. This theme is renowned for its simplicity and casualness. Although the bed and breakfast themed bridal shower can take place during any time of the day, morning is a good time. A bed and breakfast themed bridal shower can be the perfect way to start off the bride’s morning. This theme is perfect for a brunch-style bridal shower.

A bed and breakfast themed bridal shower enables a lot of options when it comes to choosing a venue. Depending on the size of the guest, it can be held in any home, inn and so on. Also, the venue can be chosen according to the bride’s preference. For instance, if the bridal shower is for a high maintenance bride, the bed and breakfast bridal shower party can be held in a luxurious resort.

When the venue is chosen, start planning your invitations. Your invitations can be relatively simple in nature. Once the invitations are on their way, you should start planning the decoration. When it comes to decoration, decorate the venue with soft colors and simple and cost-effective accessories. For instance, you can use crisp-white tablecloths, white-scented candles and fresh white flowers such as white roses and orchids in beautiful glass vases to enhance the beauty of the morning. This will give an air of refinement and sophistication. You can also use other colors to create a more colorful and vibrant atmosphere.

For drinks you can have tea, fruit juices, wine, cocktails or anything else that the bride prefers. However, your choice of food may vary according to the time of the day. For instance, if it is during morning or afternoon, the meal can include egg soufflé, bacon strips, French bread and so on. If it is during the later part of the day, your meal can be heartier. For desserts you can have fruit tarts, muffins, chocolates and so on. Keep in mind that the drinks, food and desserts should be based according to the bride’s preferences.

For games, you can play charades, scrabbles, a trivia game or anything else that doesn’t require a lot of space. Think of games that will allow the bride to be at the center stage. For instance, if you are playing a trivia game, you can make questions about the bride, her future husband and so on.  You can also incorporate music and do a sing off contest!

Although a bed and breakfast themed bridal shower is renowned for its simplicity, it is also very elegant and glamorous in its own unique ways.


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