Bridal Shower Beach Theme

When you are fishing for ideas, keep in mind that a theme is one of the most important parts of a bridal shower as all the other aspects will be based on it. You should come up with a theme that reflects the bride’s personality and style. With so many themes available for you to choose from, it can sometimes confuse you. However, if the bride has a soft-spot for the sun, sand and water, a Beach-themed bridal shower is absolutely appropriate. From kids to adults, everybody loves the beach due to their wonderful scenery and peaceful atmosphere. If you are planning a beach-themed bridal shower, here are some interesting and creative ideas to liven up the bridal shower.

Firstly, you should come up with the venue for the bridal shower. If the theme of the bridal shower is the Beach, it is most appropriate if the venue of the bridal shower was an actual beach. However, if that is not possible then any other convenient location such a hall, a beach house would do just fine.

When you have settled on the venue of the beach-themed bridal shower, you can start planning the bridal shower invitations. For a beach-themed bridal shower you can simply design your invitation cards with a beach scene to exude a casual atmosphere. You can also shape the invitation cards in the form of a starfish, sea-shells or anything else which reminds you of the beach. To avoid any confusion, you can also indicate what the guests should wear on the beach-themed bridal shower. For instance, shorts, sundress and so on are appropriate beach attire.

Once your invitations are on their way, you can get started on decorating the bridal shower venue. You should decorate the place with items that are generally found on a beach. For instance, fake or live palm tress should be on the top of your decoration list. They will immediately set the tone for the tone for the party. You can also fill the whole or part of the room with sand. This will surprise the guests and will create excitement. Then you can decorate the room with sea-shells, beach pebbles, umbrellas and so on. Instead of using tradition chairs, you can use beach chairs and drape them with beach towels. You can decorate the ceiling or other parts of the room using clusters of gold and white balloons. All this will symbolize a very casual and peaceful atmosphere.

For the beach-themed bridal shower, you can create an elegant centerpiece made out of inexpensive materials. For instance, you can buy a glass container or vase and pour it with sand to fill it up one-half or one-third. You can then plant pillar candles and scatter some pebbles, colorful shells to magnify the beauty. The result is an inexpensive but a glowing and elegant centerpiece.

Appropriate food for the beach-themed bridal shower party is seafood. For instance, you can do a large seafood platter which can include crab cakes, shrimp cocktails and so on. For drinks, you can have tropical drinks such as Hawaiian-punch, fresh fruit juices and so on. If you are serving cocktails, you can use chunks of pineapple, cherries or use mini-umbrellas for an added touch of elegance. A meal is not completed without desserts. For dessert, you can enjoy a beach-themed bridal shower cake. For instance, the cake can be shaped in sandcastle, starfish and so on.

A Beach-themed bridal shower can be very memorable and enjoyable.

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