Beach-Themed Bridal Shower Favors

Beach themes are fun and enjoyable. They can be used for a leisurely and relaxing bridal shower, giving guests the chance to enjoy the company of the bride-to-be.

When it comes to the creation or the purchase of bridal shower favors, a beach theme is very beneficial. You have a number of options and opportunities, all of which very attractive and original.

Beach themed bridal shower favors can be purchased or made at home. You have many items to choose from. Make sure that these are personalized to correspond to the theme and to provide each guest with a wonderful souvenir from the party.

Marine-Themed Candles

Candles are very easy to personalize. The wax can be cast in any mold to form beautiful shapes.

Tealights can come in the shape of a sea shell or a starfish. The color selected can further enhance the beach theme. These beach-themed candles could be blue or light green.

Scented candles can also enhance the theme. A fresh scent is the perfect selection for a beach-themed bridal shower.

Personalized Sea Shells

Sea shells can be used in the creation of very beautiful decorative items. The best part is that such beach-themed bridal shower favors can easily be made at home.

Select beautiful, larger sea shells. You can use a different sea shell for the creation of each guest’s bridal shower favors.

Get the sea shells cleaned and polished. Polishing will make them smooth and will deal with imperfections. The next step will be to personalize the sea shell. Have the bride’s name written across it. You can also add a love slogan or an image related to the bridal shower or the upcoming marriage.

Place these sea shells in clear containers or tulle bags. Tie a ribbon and your beach-themed bridal shower favor is ready.


Cookies are another type of bridal shower favor that can come in many shapes and sizes.

Make cookies in any beach-related shape. These can be formed as flip-flops, parasols, sea shells or jelly-fish. Use the icing to make the color of these appropriate.

Flip-flops can be very colorful and jolly. If you want to, make cookies in different sizes and create miniature gift baskets filled with sweets.

Custom-Made Soaps

Many stores offer soaps in various shapes. Custom-made soaps will turn into wonderful and very appropriate beach-themed bridal shower favors.

A soap bar can be shaped as a sea shell. Clear soaps, on the other hand, can have an object or a souvenir placed inside. This aromatic cube will look beautiful and will be a useful bridal shower favor.

Select an appropriate scent and a color.

You can provide guests with a beach-themed goodie bag, containing a custom-made soap bar, sunscreen in a customized bottle and homemade body scrub. Each lady will be glad to receive such pampering products.

Go through catalogs. You will discover many other beach-themed favor ideas. These include parasols, goodie bags, favor boxes in specific shapes, bottle openers and stoppers, fridge magnets, photo frames and cookie cutters.

You have a wide range of beach-themed bridal shower favors to choose among. The options are suitable both for young, jolly gatherings and for those that include coworkers and relatives. A beach theme is a beautiful one and the favors will be very impressive and memorable.

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