Beach Themed Bridal Shower

The beach is connected to summer, heat, passion, relaxation and a medley of wonderful, chilling cocktails. Everybody has wonderful memories connected to a summer at the beach, a vacation romance or a new friendship.

A beach-themed bridal shower is exceptionally suitable for younger people who prefer casual surroundings, dances and fun games. It is perfect for a group of individuals to get to know each other better and to have fun with a bride-to-be.

Creating a beach-themed bridal shower can be relatively easy. It takes some preparation and craft skills but the results are certain to be impressive.

Setting the Bridal Shower Mood

It is all about decorations. The items that you select, the art, the music and props will take guests to the beach.

Select an appropriate color scheme for the decorations. For best results, use blue, yellow, gold, turquoise and white. Textures will be helpful, as well. Try to recreate the feel of sand and the foaminess of ocean waves.

Sea shells are very appropriate. They are beautiful and usable in nearly every type of decorations. Sea-themed table centerpieces are easy to create. Sea shells can also be crafted into candle holders and bridal shower favors.

A mini pool or a fountain will bring the freshness of the ocean to the party. A simple fish aquarium can also be used.

Add some plants like potted palms to make the surroundings even more realistic.

Art will transform a plain hall. Have drawings of beach landscapes or marine animals. Large posters featuring dolphins, jellyfish and clams will help guests imagine the beach.

If you want to take the decorations a step further, use beach chairs and beach umbrellas. The umbrellas are very suitable because of their traditional connection to bridal showers.

Beach Bridal Shower Outfits

To make it more intriguing for the guests, set a dress code. Let everyone interpret the beach theme in their own way.

Encourage the appearance of flip-flops, straw hats and colorful tops. Make it as casual as possible. Everyone will feel very comfortable this way and will have ease enjoying the party.

Beach Bridal Shower Menu

The selection of foods and drinks should also be appropriate for the beach theme.

Colorful summer cocktails are a must. You can also focus on fresh fruit juices and other healthy picks.

Add marine foods and appetizers to the medley. These are very tasty and connected to the ocean and the beach.

Other suitable foods include sandwiches, bites and salads. Bowls filled with summer fruits will do just perfect in terms of desserts.

Take the Bridal Shower to the Beach

If you live near a beach, you can take the bridal shower there instead of trying to recreate the beach indoors.

Having a beach bridal shower is innovative and untraditional. It will allow the group to enjoy the beautiful place and the fine weather. Further, the bridal shower will allow for a number of open-air fun activities like beach volleyball and dancing.

A beach bridal shower is a fresh and fun idea for people who love adventures and untraditional experiences. It can easily be recreated inside a hall or a room. Such parties have several benefits over more traditional events. They are casual and the ambience will help everyone relax. If you want to break the ice and have fun, plan a beach themed bridal shower.

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