Bridal Shower Basket Ideas

A perfect gift idea for a perfect bridal shower is a gift basket. A bridal shower gift basket is an appropriate gift as it will create an element of surprise and excitement when the bride is going through the goodies in the basket. It can also serve to be great conversation starter and ice-breaker, and not to mention, a memorable time for the bride at the bridal shower. A bridal shower gift basket is a wonderful gift idea, with many endless possibilities! If you are thinking about presenting a bridal shower gift basket to the bride, here are some creative and unique ideas about how make your basket special.

In order to ensure that your bridal shower basket is memorable, it would be best and an appropriate idea if you came up with a theme. This will also ensure that all the components in the basket work well together. For instance, you can come with idea of a popular theme such as a Honeymoon theme. With this theme in mind, you can fill up the gift basket with perfumes, chocolates and so on.

You can also fill up your bridal shower gift basket with goodies based on the actual bridal shower theme. For instance, if it is an Asian-themed bridal shower, you can fill the bridal shower basket with a variety of spices, chopsticks, an Asian cookbook and so on. For an additional touch of glamor and elegance you can wrap the cookbook with a ribbon, put different colored chopsticks and so on. The list of ideas is practically endless!

Another idea is to fill the feel the gift basket with assortments that reflects the bride’s style and personality. For instances, if the bride loves to be pampered, then filling up the basket with a soft bathrobe and slippers, votive candles, foot cream, hand cream and so on, would be a good idea. If the bride likes to work up a sweat, you can create the perfect bridal shower gift basket by putting some thoughtful and creative gym accessories such as an I-Pod, cute exercising gloves, monogrammed towels and so on. For the bride who enjoys the finer things in life, you can fill up the bridal shower gift basket with an assortment of wines, cheeses and crackers. Additional items such as a cheeseboard, different shaped knives with ribbons tied around them would be a good idea. For the bride who loves the sun and beaches, good gift ideas to include in the bridal shower gift basket are monogrammed towels, sunglasses, tanning lotions and so on.

With so many ideas floating around, using a little amount of creativity and imagination will result in the most memorable bridal shower gift basket.

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