Bridal Shower Barbie Theme

A bridal shower symbolizes the start of a new chapter in the bride’s life. It will be one of the most memorable days of your life. There are a lot of layers involved in a bridal shower. However, coming up with an appropriate theme is of the utmost importance since all the other aspects of a bridal shower will be based on it. If the theme for the bridal shower is Barbie, then here are some unique and creative ideas that will spark your bridal shower to life.

You can incorporate the Barbie theme in every aspect of the bridal shower. If you are thinking about decorating the Barbie-themed bridal shower, then you can take inspiration from the vintage Barbie silhouette and use pink and black as the color scheme. You can decorate the interior of your bridal shower venue like a Barbie doll house. You can drape the tables in multi-shaded pink linen, tie the tableware with pink ribbons and so on. To add a more finishing touch, you can top the table with one or multiple framed pictures of Barbie. Other items such as flowers, candles and so on can be on your list of tableware.

The highlight of a Barbie bridal shower can be the desserts and drinks. For drinks, you can serve pink watermelon mojitos or pink colored lemonade from a punch bowl shaped like a fashionable Barbie Corvette. The lemonades can me made pink simply by adding pink dye. For desserts you can create a multi-tiered layer full of different desserts such pink cupcakes, pink macaroons, strawberry ice-cream and so on. For brighter colors, you can use different shades of pink on the dessert items. This can also be used as a centerpiece for your bridal shower.

If you are throwing a Barbie-themed bridal shower, a Barbie cake can be an appropriate centerpiece. A Barbie cake is a wonderful way to delight and surprise your guests. For instance, a series of tiered cake layers with cut-out middles can be stacked atop each other and a Barbie can be inserted through the hollow middle. Frosting can be used to decorate the cake layers to resemble a skirt and the bodice of the Barbie. Or, instead of a Barbie, you can use the frostings to resemble the bride’s dress. Similarly, the Barbie’s hair can be cut to resemble the bride’s hair. For a final touch, you can add a message on the Barbie cake with a single or multiple-colored frostings.

The highlight of the bridal shower could also be the games. A unique game for a Barbie-themed bridal shower party is the Barbie Dress Up. For this, you have to set an area aside for the guest’s makeup. The makeup area can contain a variety of pink-colored items such as lip gloss, nail polish and so on.

A Barbie-themed bridal shower can very enjoyable and serve to create some wonderful memories that you will be able to treasure for the rest of your life.

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