Bridal Shower Banner Sayings and Wording

Bridal shower banners are an important part of the party decorations. They carry a message, which turns into a huge advantage. No other type of decoration will be as emotional and intriguing as the banner.

Selecting bridal shower banner sayings and wording could be a challenge. You will have to say so much in just a few words. What is the most appropriate phrase? Is it possible to stay away from the cliché and to still come up with something suitable for the occasion?

Choosing phrases for banners could be a very fun task, as long as you know several simple rules that will help you make your selection.

Make It Romantic
A romantic statement will always be appropriate for bridal shower decorations. In order to stay away from the world of clichés, choose a message that comes straight from the heart.

If you want to have a longer message, you should choose one long banner that will decorate the room where the bridal shower is held. Another option you have is making several smaller banners, each one carrying a concise message of its own.

Make It Thematic
Another good strategy is to pick a message that corresponds to the bridal shower theme.

The theme will in fact guide all of your decisions – the selection of the venue, menu and decorations. It will also affect slogans and the wording that you choose for the invitations, favors and banners.

Use Poems, Verses and Love Quotes
Famous sayings will come to your aid if you remain uncertain about the most appropriate banner sayings.

Many books and websites contain famous verses and quotes about love, the relationships between people and marriage. These words of wisdom will be one of the best options you have.

Choose sayings that correspond to the theme of the party. They can be humorous, romantic, philosophical or poetic. The verses you pick for the banners will very much tell guests what the party is all about.

Banner Wording Samples
Bridal shower banners range from classical ones to alternative and very innovative types of decorations. Make your choice on the basis of the bride-to-be’s character and the expectations of guests.

The most common types of banners congratulate the couple. The banner could be saying “Congratulations to the future Mrs. (name of groom)!” Another option is to say “Wishing You All the Family Happiness in the World!”

Here are several additional bridal shower banner wording suggestions. Pick the ones that you like the most and have them written on your party banners:

All You Need is Love!

To love another person is to see the face of God.

Some love lasts a lifetime. True love lasts forever.

And they lived happily ever after.

To Have and to Hold!

Congratulations to both of you!

They have all the love in the world.

Banner wording can be anything you think of and feel comfortable with. The style and emotionality of the message is entirely up to you. Think about the audience that will be exploring the wording. This is the best way to guarantee the success of your bridal shower banners.

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