Bridal Shower Banner Ideas

With so many gift ideas available, you can often get confused about what to present the bride on her bridal shower day. If you are wondering what to gift the bride on her special bridal shower party, then consider getting her a bridal shower banner. This can serve both as a gift and decoration for the party. Here are some unique and creative ideas about how you can use a bridal shower banner to make it an unforgettable bridal shower for the bride.

Available in many colorful, vibrant and unique designs, bridal shower banners can be excellent bridal shower decorations for bridal showers. You can personalize the banner and express your heartfelt thoughts, best wishes and so on for the bride. They ease your burden of decorating the bridal shower venue as they are easy to hang or attach, not to mention, extremely cost-effective.

Personalized bridal shower banners are perfect to concretize your sentiments and can prove to be a unique keepsake of the bridal shower. You can also use them as a special and unique way to welcome the bride and the guests. Greeting the bride at the entryway with a personalized banner can be memorable and special.

Depending on the size of the bridal shower venue, you can use one or multiple banners. You can either use one large banner or if you want to use multiple banners, a unique and special idea is to tell a short story about the bride-to-be. You can have each bridal shower banner tell a different part of the tale. The banners could be appropriately and accordingly designed. The tale could be read from the top to bottom, left to right and so on, depending upon the space available and the size of the bridal shower venue.

You can take the personalization of the bridal shower banner one step further by creating a “Strung Banner”. For this, you can string together shapes which are cut out on decorative paper with a ribbon or a thread. Then, you can paste one letter on each shape until it spells out your desired banner message. You can also use vibrant colors between the shapes and letters to make your banner stand out even more.

When the bridal shower party is reaching the end, you can have the guests sign on it (preferably with an indelible ink or paint pens so that their inscriptions stand out even more clearly on the banner). This will serve to be a special keepsake of the bridal and be one of the perfect ways to treasure the memory of this special day.

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