Bridal Shower Balloons – Decorating Tips and Ideas with Balloons

A bridal shower is a very special event that serves as a reminder of the big day approaching. Naturally, a bridal shower demands special ambience of its own. Decorations can be used to achieve a degree of festivity and classiness.

Balloons are probably the most popular items used in decorations. This is so because balloons are typically associated to parties and fun events. You can easily incorporate balloons in the bridal shower decorations to convey a special message and to make all guests feel welcomed.

Bridal Shower Balloon Arches

Balloon arches are simple to make, yet very effective and impressive. They convey an obvious message and are quite attractive.
An arch can be made of balloons in one color or it could feature a combination of shades and nuances.

Make sure that the colors of the balloons correspond to the colors of the decorations you have selected for the wedding day and the reception. Instead of going for something contrasting and overly obtrusive, select balloons in mild and pastel tones. Beige, pink, light blue and white are all appropriate.

Bridal Shower Balloon Clusters

Clusters of colorful helium-filled balloons can be just as appealing as the balloon arches.

Balloon clusters are very noticeable and can supplement other decorations made of ribbons or candles. Make sure that they are delicate enough in order not to dominate the atmosphere of the party.

Stylish decorations supplement the overall atmosphere instead of diverting attention away from the important aspects of the party. If you have your guests constantly staring at the overly eccentric balloon clusters, you will probably feel uneasy at your own bridal shower.

The best aspect of balloon clusters is that they are easy to make and you need no professional involvement on behalf of a decorations company. These decorations are something that you can create effortlessly, thus presenting your own ideas and sentiments.

Bridal Shower Balloon Centerpieces

Centerpieces can transform the tables at your bridal shower.

The centerpiece is a beautiful piece of decoration that is positioned in the middle of the table. Centerpieces are equally suitable for round and rectangular tables.

In case you have long, rectangular tables at your bridal shower, you could have a line of balloon centerpieces that goes all the way from one end of the table to the other.

Centerpieces can contain solely balloon clusters or you can make combinations of flowers, ribbons and balloons. Try to keep them simple. Combining many beautiful items will make your decorations too flamboyant and inappropriate.

If you combine balloons and ribbons, try to select matching colors or even better – keep the color just one. This is a certain way to keep decorations stylish and to impress all of your bridal shower guests.

Your bridal shower is a special event dedicated to you and to the fact that you will soon be a married woman. Have fun and select the types of decorations that correspond to your mood, character and style. Balloons will always be appropriate. You have various options. Experiment with balloon decorations until you discover exactly what you are looking for.

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