Using balloon arches in a bridal shower

Balloon arches will probably rank as the top bridal shower hallway decoration. These are widely available, easy to make and pleasant-looking.

Relying on balloon arches for the bridal shower decorations is a right choice. Balloon arches can be multi-colored or stylishly created in a single shade. These are long-lived especially if the balloons are filled with air.

Instead of purchasing balloon arches, you can make those. The process is quite simple once you get used to it.

Colors and Style

Balloon arches can come in one, two, three or four colors. The fancy ones have color strips spiraling down the arch.

The number of colors and the exact balloon nuances that you select is an entirely personal decision. Try to make the arch similar to other decorations. For best results, use the wedding colors so that the bridal shower corresponds to the main event in terms of style.

Try to keep balloon arches stylish. Overdoing it in terms of colors will only divert attention away from other aspects of the party – the buffet, the table centerpieces and the bridal shower favors.

Colorful balloon arches are appropriate if these will be the main emphasis of the party. Otherwise, try to keep the arches elegant and plain.

How Many Arches Do You Need?

Decide how many arches will be needed for the bridal shower. The number will be entirely dependent on the size of the hall and on the other types of decorations that you plan to utilize.

Balloon arches will look best at the entrance and in the hallway. You can also use a balloon arch behind the buffet table.

Having too many of them will clutter the room. Keep the number limited, as balloon arches are large and noticeable enough. You do not need too many of them.

How to Make a Balloon Arch?

Are you ready to test your craft skills? Try to create a balloon arch on your own. For the aim, you will need balloons, a frame and an air compressor. Helium-filled balloons are easier to put in an arch but these are short-lived.

The frame you will use needs to be made of aluminum, PVC or plastic. You can create the arch before it is positioned in place. Once the arch is ready, you will have to secure the frame to the walls or the floor for additional support.

Fill balloons with air. To add them to the arch, you will have to make clusters of four. This is very easy. Twist two balloons together. Twist two more. The final step is to twist the two pairs into a cluster. Attach the cluster to the frame by once again twisting two balloons to get them fastened.

Place clusters as close together as possible. This way, your arch will look splendid and dense.

If you want to have two-colored arches, you will need two balloons of each color in the cluster. A four-colored arch will have you tying together one balloon of each color in the cluster.

It might be difficult to start making a pattern but experiment with the manner in which you place clusters on the frame. You will soon get the idea, making spirals or other beautiful patterns out of your colorful balloons.

This is it! The process could not be any simpler. Still, if you feel uncomfortable with it, you can purchase a ready balloon arch. It is up to you. Decide what you want and how it should look and make your selection.

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