Bridal Shower Baking Theme

Bridal shower baking themes are awesome bridal shower ideas when hosting a bridal shower. From the bridal shower invitations, favorite baking recipes, useful baking utensils, tea towels, aprons, oven mitts and bridal shower favor ideas and gift bags, there are countless items that can be purchased or made at home to give the bride a good start to her baking life and provide thank you bridal shower favors for the thoughtful guests.

The bridal shower baking theme is always colorful and feminine no matter what the choice of colors and leaves room for the guests at the bridal shower to either purchase an item or create a homemade ‘granny-style’ item that could become a treasured keepsake. Even bridal shower game ideas can be centered on the bridal shower baking theme. Here are some ideas for planning a bridal shower baking theme.

The bridal shower planner is usually a close relative or friend of the bride and this makes it easier for an image and color scheme to be chosen for the baking theme invitations, which will fit with the bride’s personality.

Whether the baking theme invitation depicts mixing bowls, mother and daughter cook days, kiss the cook aprons, cakes, sweet treats carts or a collection of baking gadgets, the choice of color should either be distinctly bold or with soft pastel shades. Choose the image carefully because everything about the bridal shower baking party will revolve around this image.

If handmade, the words on the invitation should take this general format:


The Baking Shower will be held on



If you want to be creative a simple invitation, glued to a miniature cutting board as a frame and wrapped with ribbon, can be mailed to the guest in a small padded envelope.

Set the mood for the bridal shower baking theme with the decorations you choose for the bridal shower baking theme. If the occasion is very intimate with one to five tables then the main table can be covered and decorated with the main color of the invitation and the image shown on the bridal shower invitation can be expanded to decorate the room, tables and chairs. If for example a cake was on the invitation, miniature cakes could be used as centerpieces or cake images as decorations.

Flowers and ribbons are rather inexpensive and always blend well with the items of a baking theme like cakes, pastries, baking utensils, bakers’ hats and aprons and can be used lavishly. The centerpieces for the table or tables can be creatively strewn with appropriate bridal shower favors matching the theme.

Useful bridal shower gifts can be given with favorite baking recipes. Whether personal or heartfelt, whimsical or comical the bridal shower gift has to be one of two extremes. Either the gift is going to be a decorative keepsake or it will be a super functional item that will eventually die a natural death from overwork!

Baking shower parties can be informal bake-offs or an opportunity for guests to carry favorite recipes. A personal touch which can be added by the bridal shower planner is for each guest to bring a gift, their favorite baking treat and a decorated recipe card with a title and baking directions.
For example,
“Granny Sophia’s Italian Fruit Cake” submitted by Azzurra Romano on –date-.

These recipe cards can be compiled into a ribbon tied booklet for the bride to have a one-of-a-kind keepsake as an additional baking theme gift.

Monogramming the bride’s gifts also adds a personal touch.

Bridal shower favors with complementary gift bags can add a touch of elegance to the party. Heart Shaped measuring spoons, wedding dress cookie cutters, mini candy or cookie jars are some of the items that can be purchased as bridal shower favors.

Individual towel cake favors which are fluffy hand towels folded to look like fabulous cheesecake treats are unique ‘calorie-free’ favors to tease the guests with a memorable item to take home.

Bridal shower gift bags can be shaped like a baking product or utensil preferably in satin, sheer organza or velvet.

Any bridal shower game that is played at this party should give small baking items that are useful in the kitchen as prizes.

The bridal shower baking theme is a very delightful bridal shower idea which can be expanded until it is unique and the occasion is unforgettable.

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