Bridal Shower Backgrounds

Bridal shower backgrounds like the backdrop made for stage performances, sets the entire atmosphere for the unfolding bridal shower party.

There are no limits to the venues that can be chosen for a bridal shower. The venue is usually determined by the bridal shower planner in consultation with the bride-to-be. Venues often reflect the personality of the bride, the number of guests attending and the weather conditions in the area the event is being held.

Some simple choices for venues are: Within a home or apartment; a garden, beach or pool setting; outdoor canvas tent and a hotel or restaurant dining room. Your choice of venue coupled with your choice of colors and images on the bridal shower invitations will determine the direction your bridal shower decorating will take and the kind of bridal shower background that can be created.

For an outdoor setting that relies on the beauty of nature, the trees, grass, plants, sand etc. the background has already been set but now needs soft and subtle highlights to bring out the natural beauty of the surroundings. This outdoor venue is a fantastic setting for a summertime bridal shower when the weather forecast looks like dry weather.

Hanging lanterns in the trees, muted lighting and soft light materials like sheer organza can be used to decorate the tables and seating. Ribbons should be sheer and any other decoration should carry a transparent look that blends with the flow of the wind and the trees. Flowers also work well with an outdoor theme. Make sure that all the colors tie back with one or more colors on the invitation.

Canvas awnings are relatively good choices if the bridal shower planners prefer an outdoor event that is still covered against the elements. Similar to an indoor event, the color of the canvas covering sets the general background like paint on a wall and your decorating paints the images on this “wall”. Using the bridal shower invitation colors, the decorations even if the colors are pastel shades can be solid and bold.

Working the color of the canvas covering into the tablecloths and chair covers while blending the colors of the invitation in with the bridal shower theme and shower favors will take some creativity and imagination but remember that creativity is the mother of invention. Surprise yourself or just hire an interior designer.

Bridal shower parties that are held at a home or apartment are usually very intimate with smaller numbers of guests who may already know or know of each other. The bridal shower background should therefore reflect the warmth of a home setting, matched with the bridal shower theme and the bride’s personality.

The rule of thumb in getting the bridal shower background right in a home or apartment setting would be to match the colors of the invitations into the decorations so that the finished product appears as if the bride has welcomed guests over to her new home.

From the entryway through the doors and onto the entertainment area there should be a consistent flow of the bridal shower colors and a constant reminder of the theme. This may appear at first to be a difficult task but as long as the look is not overpowering, the effect should be splendid.

Hotel or restaurant venues because of the area of floor space, the height of the ceilings and the existing décor, require more effort to be put into getting the bridal shower backgrounds and overall decorating correct.

Many bridal planners have a tendency at this point to contract this out to a competent wedding and bridal shower interior designer.

A note of caution, the bridal shower is a de-stressing exercise for the bride and her guests. This bridal shower planning project should still be closely monitored to make sure that the backgrounds and decorations express the bride’s personality, not the designer’s alone. The bride must be happy with the finished product.

Have fun and create a bridal shower background that is unforgettable.

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