Awesome Bridal Shower Ideas

For all off-beat bridal shower planners (you know who you are!), who are planning a bridal shower for a confident dare-to-be-different bride (you know who she is!), here are some awesome bridal shower ideas that can be tweaked until they’re just right.  This somewhat haphazard compilation should make you smile and get your creative juices racing like Derby horses.

This modern twist to the classic bridal shower theme is perfect for a bride and her crew who have all the trademark signs of being ‘fashionistas’.  Based on the hit television series ‘Project Runway’ featuring Tim Gunn, the style and fashion oriented bridal shower attendees can weave the glamour of the fashion industry into every aspect of the bridal shower.  A Project Runway bridal shower theme would send the bride and her project runway junkie ensemble crazy with excitement at the opportunity to play dress up with family and friends.

From the horizontally folded bridal shower invitations to the traditional design the bride’s dress and veil, using rolls of toilet paper, a world of creative ideas can emerge.  The bridal shower invitations would have an image of a beautiful full length evening dress on the entire cover and would be opened like an announcement card for the movie or entertainment awards.

The venue can be decorated to represent the runway on the set and each guest dressed to walk on the catwalk with cameras flashing throughout, to retain memories of the event.  Bridal shower gifts and favors as well as games can be chosen to work with this theme.

Indulge the bride addicted to weird patterns and prints like zebra stripes, tiger print, plaids and checkers with a bridal shower theme based on the print.  Ouch! For those of you to whom this awesome bridal shower idea may have hit your last nerve, take a look at a vintage black and white polka dot shower theme.  The effect is dramatic and can be thrown one other color like a splash of red, to break the monotonous color scheme.  Invitations, decorations, bridal shower gifts, shower favors and prizes are all available on the market in you guessed … black and white polka dots.  If the guests do not mind being tortured, they can wear one small item like a belt, hair piece or wrist band with the black and white polka dots.  Get going with your choice of creative bridal shower game ideas.


For the tamer bride, here are two awesome bridal shower favors.  Give bottles of wine or champagne to the guests in gift bags which are labeled with the name of the bride and groom, the date of the bridal shower and prospective wedding.  Serve the guests at the bridal shower party on plates with an exact copy of the bridal shower invitation on the face of the plate. The guests can take home a plate as a keepsake to remind them of the date, time and venue of the bridal shower and the fun they had at that event.

An awesome bridal shower game idea is a search your purse scavenger hunt.  The guests are divided into groups of individuals not well known to each other and each team is given a list of twelve items that may be found in their purses.  Really easy items like house keys or lipstick would be given very low points while unusual items like a rock or a calculator would carry high points.  The team with the most points would win a prize for their efforts.


The famous wives bridal shower game is another fantastic ice-breaker game idea.  The bride as a wife-to-be and the other female bridal shower guests can each represent a famous television or real wife.  As each lady arrives at the bridal shower, she is presented with a choice of numbered reversible name tags.  The numbered tag that she chooses is reversed and the lady wears that famous wife’s name during the party until the game is about to be started, at which time the tag is switched back to the numbers.  Famous wives names like Clair Huxtable, Michelle Obama, Wilma Flintstone, Betty Rubble, Mrs. Santa Claus, Hilary Clinton and Mariah Carey can be used.

Each guest is then given a sheet of paper with a list of the numbers and has to correctly match the number with the name of the famous wife.  High scores would be awarded prizes.  For many years after, those who made friends at this bridal shower party would be referred to by their bridal shower famous wife’s nickname.  Your awesome bridal shower ideas will make the bridal shower event a memorable day for the bride-to-be and her guests.

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