Bridal Shower Autograph Plate

When you are contemplating about what to give the bride, keep in mind that the gift should be something useful, memorable or beautiful. If the bride does not give an indication of her preferred choice of gift, then it could leave the guests wondering about what to give her at her bridal shower.

If you are pondering about what to gift her on her special day or just want to give her something extra special, then consider a bridal shower autograph plate. The concept of an autograph plate is rather simple but unique. It is a plate where the guests inscribe their name, initials, well wishes and so on. This makes it a distinctive keepsake for the bride to remember a very special day in her life. All this at a relatively cost-effective rate!

Apart from being a unique and memorable gift, an autograph plate creates memories at your bridal shower and adds to the party experience. Autograph plates are a more creative alternative than a guest book. All the guests will enjoy the experience of expressing their heartfelt feeling on the plate.

There are numerous customized plates available for you to choose from. You can also customize your own autograph plate with a photo, a monogram and so on. Autograph plates are more commonly made of ceramic. They usually come in pastel color to ensure that the writing stands out even more. All you have to do is purchase an autograph plate made up of ceramic or glass coated with thermal hardening paints. After the guests have written their heartfelt thoughts, initial and so on, you can place it in a warm oven to cool. Before attempting this, learn the exact conditions such as oven temperature, length of time to be kept in the oven, and so on.

However, you must keep in mind that the autograph plate is not designed for washing, even if the inscriptions are done by permanent markers. Wipe it with clean dry cloth when required and never expose it to direct sunlight. At the end of the day, an autograph plate is a perfect gift to treasure the memory of one of the most special days in your life.

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