Bridal Shower Etiquette – Asking for Money

It is debatable as to whether or not asking blatantly for money at your bridal shower gift is tacky. However, given the universal usefulness of cash, it is of little surprise that the bride and groom are preferring money above any other presents. If money is your preferred choice of gift during the bridal shower, then here are some fun and interesting ways to ask for money without appearing tacky.

You can send the message out through your family, close relatives and friends. Inform them that if the guest inquires about your preferred choice of gift, let them know it is money. Do not be embarrassed about passing on this information. Keep in mind that the guests will prefer the heads up rather than pondering and dithering over their decision of what to give you.

It is advisable to make up your mind in advance on what or how you are going to spend the gift money. It is courteous to give the guests an indication of how their money will be utilized. Guests will be more comforted by the thought that their money will help you to kick-start your new journey. For instance, if you are saving money for purchasing your own home, household furnishing and so on, let the guests know.

If you still prefer not to spread the word out then another alternative is available. You can send the shower invites to the guests and leave out your registry information. Inquisitive guests will question your registry information, presenting with a perfect scenario to respond with the bride’s preference of money for the bridal shower. You should register for a few items as some guests may still prefer to present a tangible gift. If you have a “money tree” or other cash-displaying gimmicks, it should be tucked away in the corner of the hall or room to prevent the guests who are bringing tangible gifts from feeling awkward.

Some companies have created registries that are literally a veil of asking for money. For instance, at a honeymoon registry, a guest can present you with the gift of “a nice dinner out”, “tickets to a movie” and so on. You receive the cash instead from these companies. Another alternative is asking for gift cards on the registry.

At the end of the day, you should keep in mind that the guests do not owe the bride and groom anything except the honor of their presence. So the bride and groom alike should be grateful for the gift that they receive, whatever it may be.

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