Bridal Shower Ask the Groom Questions Game

Bridal Shower Games are a wonderful way to de-stress the bridal party, relieving the bride-to-be and the groom-in-waiting of any pre-marital or big day jitters.

Setting up the Bridal Shower Game
This Bridal Shower Game idea is very simple and can be played whether the groom is present at the Bridal Shower or not.

This Bridal Shower game called ‘Ask the Groom Questions’ tests the bride-to-be’s knowledge of her husband-to-be.

A small penalty should be attached to each incorrect answer given by the bride-to-be like drinking half a glass of water or chewing another stick of gum. You can be creative in the ‘punishment’!

If not present at the Bridal Shower, one option is to have the groom contacted with the questions by the bridal shower game coordinator, who would record either manually or electronically the bridal shower game answers provided by the groom for the bride to answer later.

The bridal shower game can also be played using computers or cellular phones with microphone and/or speaker options and access to Skype™ at both locations but additional preparation is required if the game is going to be played across Skype™.

The order that the questions are asked and answered depends on whether the groom is present (physically or virtually) or not. If he is present, the bride-to-be must answer her question first before he provides the correct answer.

This leaves room for laughter in between each question and the bridal party can really get into playing the game.

Directions for playing the Bridal Shower Game ‘Ask the Groom Questions’

1) The entire bridal shower contingent at the start of the party is each given a card and pen.

2) Each person is asked to write down two questions that they think the bride may not remember about the groom.

3) The cards are collected and twenty (20) of the best questions are compiled.

4) The bride-to-be’s answers should match those given by her husband-to-be.

5) Since the questions are supplied by the bridal shower guests, they should be spontaneous and somewhat random.

If the groom and his bride-to-be are fun loving, these questions are sure to bring lively answers! Some spouses even supply incorrect answers to tease the other.

These Bridal Shower Game questions do not have to be complicated. Here are twenty (20) sample questions.

Where did you first meet?
What were the first words that were spoken between you, when you met?
What is his favorite perfume?
Name the first restaurant where you both had dinner.
Name one habit of his that you find to be endearing.
What shoe size does he wear?
What was his first childhood memory?
What is the color of his favorite shirt?
What is his favorite ‘sports’ team?
What is his favorite drink?
What is his grandmother’s first name?
What is the name of his high school?
Name one thing that really gets him angry?
Name the last movie that you watched together?
Who are the makers of the wrist watch he wears most often?
What is his favorite color?
Where is his favorite place to visit locally?
What is the name of the next exotic destination that he dreams of visiting?
Which would be his preference to go hiking on the banks of the Amazon River or market shopping on the streets of New Delhi, India?
Name four of his favorite songs?

This bridal shower game idea can be tweaked and re-worked until it works perfectly for the bridal shower party.

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