Asian bridal shower theme

A theme is an important aspect as all the other elements of a bridal shower from decorations to food will revolve around it. Here are some creative ideas to help you come up with a unique asian bridal shower theme.

Asian cultures are renowned for their rich symbols, colors and traditions. Asian bridal showers commonly feature bright colors and nature motifs. In numerous Asian cultures, red and gold colors are symbols of celebratory colors and represent peace and happiness. Your theme can be based on these two legendary colors. You can start it off by inviting the guests via red good luck money bags, adorning the ceiling with bright gold and red paper lanterns, serving the food the in red and gold paper-coated bamboo plates and so on. This will literally create a red and gold haven!

However, if you fancy a more colorful theme then there are numerous inexpensive and fancy options available. You can adorn the ceiling with bright-colored paper lanterns, decorate the room with peacock festooned paper parasols and colorful paper garlands. You can also place a few glass bowls with gold fish swimming around. Gold fish are said to bring good luck in the form of wisdom, tranquility and a long prosperous life. Besides being really cost-effective, all these unique decorations will leave a lasting impression on the guests.

A popular and trendy Asian theme nowadays is known as the “Oriental Shower”. With the spirit of this theme, you can decorate the room with Japanese-styled room dividers, adorn the ceiling with paper lanterns, use red faux silk throws to cover furniture and incorporate inexpensive bamboo mats and tables.

Asia is renowned for their exquisite cuisines. Your theme can revolve around their wide range of cuisines. This will add an element of surprise and excitement as it will keep the guests guessing what to expect next. Serving the food in bright colored bowls or bamboo plates will be ideal. You can set floating candles in low water-bowls. You can use food coloring and dye to color the water.

Asian-themed bridal showers have become popular due to their uniqueness, creativity and a broad spectrum of colors that always leaves the guests dazzled. With so many ideas floating around, all it takes is a little creativity and imagination to create a resplendent atmosphere that will fail to escape the memories of the guests with the passing of time.

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